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[VIC] Waurn Ponds Freeway Exit (Heading to GOR)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Just a heads up that the exit's have changed if you're heading from Melb down the freeway to the GOR, or to Deans Marsh to go the back way to Lorne. The flyover is complete so you basically stay on the freeway and it goes all the way to Colac, or you can exit and follow the signs to Torquay/Anglesea to head via these towns.

    Just putting it on here as I know lots of people go via Deans Marsh to get to Lorne, and if you exit where you used to you'll just end up wasting 5 mins at traffic lights before being forced back on the freeway (they closed the old road from Waurn Ponds to Winch, it's now all via the freeway).

  2. It will be interesting to see if it changes the traffic on Anglesea Road and if many people bypass Anglesea.

    Hopefully with the Air show this weekend it might be a bit quiter around there before the long weekend.
  3. Anglesea Rd will still be the same roadblock in summer. With all the new lanes on the Fwy going into 1 lane and a 80kmh speed limit. Sheeesh you'd think they'd do it right and duplicate it all.
  4. I was actually referring to the Anglesea road that goes through freshwater creek. if holiday makers use the extension of ring road they would not be taking this road and with ending closer to lorne rather than suffer the roundabout in anglesea itself. just hoping to keep the local roads free of tourists. if they do though, it is only going to make the roundabout at lorne coming down from deans marsh an absolute nightmare. that roundabout wont cope.
  5. I was also talking about the Freshwater Creek, Jeez don't get me started about the roundabout at A/sea.
    Taking the new Ring Rd is fine if you want to go to Lorne and miss out on the start GOR.
  6. i love that view as you come out of anglesea towards aireys but its not worth the roundabout. have been known to skirt around the kangaroo infested golf club just to miss. have you tried bald hill road?
  7. ^ Went Bald Hill Rd once ages ago. Would like to do it again but reckon I would get lost. :)
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