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[VIC] Watch Out Over Next Few Days - Rider Blown Off Bike

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by joetdm, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Hey watch out for the unexpected next few days..
    There'll be a sh&tload of debris over a lot of our favourite roads due to the winds today...

    Any wind this strong will leave it's mark for a few days if not a week or two...


  2. yes mate was pretty crap around the black spur nearly got clobbered by a branch early afternoon
  3. Yeah up over old Healesville road today (very open and up high) was extremely windy.

    Even at the posted speed !

  4. was fun across the bolte on the way home from sth melb market $1:20 was enuff to rock n roll on the seat lol still kept the chicken wings going tho
  5. It wasn't me, but.....


    Now maybe everyone will stop "blowing me off" when I complain about it LOL.
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  6. Damn it !!!
    Should have gone riding :D
  7. Had a scary moment the other day, right as I was about to counter steer into a left hand corner I got hit by a huge gust of wind from the left, resulting in a push way too strong. Front wheel moved way too much for comfort :|
  8. That southerly fresh gust that hits you when slowing down from 240-260 for Turn 1 at PI is also rather concerning at times ;)
    Having it happen on public roads, with many threats/obstacles isn't 'fun'..
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  9. Ooops, sorry! Completely misunderstood thread title!
  10. Always a better option to be blown off the bike, oh, ooops, sorry.

    As you were....
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  11. I rode early enough to miss the major winds. and [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION] the winds arnt too bad its the wind gust that will get you :angel:
  12. You just dont know how to have fun
  13. If I wasn't absolutely convinced that you were a bunny-boiling psycopath, I might actually take you up on this...
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  14. sociopath. I'm not exactly organised