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[VIC] Warrigal Rd chadstone 27/04/09

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Willzah, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. From Monash carpark (monash fwy) towards princess hwy. just before the turn up to chadstone shopping centre. They've f*#@ the road with chadstone works, spraying black paint over / grinding away old lines. bumpy n small pot holes. in the rain and/or dark its hard to see the lines because its temporary road line paint. only realised the other day when i had to ride through in the rain and dark

  2. they were doing some work the other day on the otherside of the road, dont know if it is related. maybe they replacing everything in one go
  3. Yeah that intersection of warrigal rd and the ramp into chaddy has a ton of holes and bumps in it. stick to the left lane when going past :)
  4. Its still rubbish, no progress on the road at all
  5. Roads still a PoS... if not worse than before
  6. I drove through it the other day in the rain, it's still horrible.

    Impossible to see the lines across the intersection in the rain, and there are no cats eyes. I'm finding it hard to stay in my lane through the intersection as the lanes change direction and split into more.

    If we notified the council would they do anything?
  7. i sent a email to the local MP. He said he will look into it.

    Its all because of chadstone shopping centre doing work to widen the road up to chadstone. they repave their road,, but leave the public road rubbish. its their responsibility and they should pay to fix it, not from our taxes/ rego payments etc.
  8. drove through it today in the wet at 9pm. couldnt see anything. following the car infront and he realised he drifted into other lane swirved in panic. shat myself watching him.
  9. update

    no change
  10. take a guess on the status of the road
  11. good news...well sorta. It seems along a long section of warrigal road they decided to replace the cat eye/reflector thingys on the road. and yep you guessed it, they put em along the crappy section of road. at least now you can tell where the lanes are by them.

    the road is still bumpy and the road lines havent been painted on. have yet to go through in the rain to see if the new addition of reflectors are of any help
  12. hurrar they painted the road lines last night. although i dont know why they painted the lines but not repave the road... still bumpy. at least you and everyone else will know which lane is which