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(VIC) Warrant for unpaid parking fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by awseome, May 8, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    just need some advise, i called the infringment office today seeking clarification on a infringment notice. during the course of the conversation i was told that i had a outstanding fine for which a warrant had been issued. that was in 2006 and i have moved twice then. now what kind of warrant are theytalking about and what does it mean to my personal history will this impact it in any way such as criminal history beacause of a unpaid parking fine?

    thanks for help
  2. From Local Government Victoria Website
  3. [​IMG]

    Hopefully they won't send this guy after you! :LOL:
  4. well i did ask them, but they had no idea how this could be resolved, so i just went to civic compliance and talked to some one at the counter, the lady said there is no coordination between the police, vic roads or the magistrates office as they don't provide each other any details, in my case my license had been updated as soon as i moved, so the current address was with Vic road all the time, anyways they gave me a form to have the extra costs revoked. so will probably wait and see.

    thanks for the help guys.

  5. awseome


    Is that deliberate irony?
  6. its a typo :)
  7. Pfft, just ring up whoever deals out the fines inform them of your situation and that you would like to pay the outstanding fine.

    haha, no one is coming to knock your door down over a parking fine :LOL:
  8. -No, doesn't affect criminal history checks

    -If you get caught at a booze bus + sherrif's office check (like me, saturday night - passed the booze test fine, warrant check was different), they'll clamp the wheels of the vehicle you're in, unless you pay it on the spot.

    -All in all, walk in to there office (444 swanston street, melbourne), talk to someone, they'll put you on a payment plan ($50/month or less usually) unless you want to pay it on the spot.

    -If you dont do this, wheel clamps or a visit from the sherrif to your house will happen. At your house, they will ask you to pay, or give you 7 days to pay/sort out a payment plan. If you still stuff it up, they can sell your goods.


  9. I have a friend who has 6 warrants now, one of em dates back to 05, the rest are 06-07. He's been on two payment plans, but didn't make any payments on either of them. I am by no means bragging, just saying they take a looong time to finalise the crap.

    He refuses to pay the pricks, due to the fact that he says, 'they have heaps of money and I don't'.

    All his offences are little bullsh$t ones too. He says - 'It's a joke and I treat it as such' funny f^$ker lol

    When the Sheriff rocks up he doesn't answer his door lol. Both times the Sheriff caught him he agreed to go on those payment plans, both times he never made one payment lol.

    He says he doesn't have a problem when he gets pulled up for random checks, they have never mentioned it....
  10. Yeah, last saturday was the first time I've seen a booze bus + sherrif working together. The taxi office was there too, making sure all taxi drivers where licensed/wearing correct uniform/displaying photos etc.

    If it goes on long enough, they can refuse payment plans I believe.

    Also it's 1 day in jail per $113 owed or part thereof.
  11. Isn't there a new system whereby you won't be able to renew your vehicle rego if you have outstanding fines? I'm sure i saw a commercial the other day for it.

    LOL i see at least a car a day outside my work being clamped. You can't beat the system. Got me thinking do they have a motorcycle clamp??
  12. [​IMG]

    Doesn't always happen like that tho.

    Sheriff turned up with tow truck to take away my friends pride & joy.
    I come out with a baseball bat & made it known that legs would be
    broken if they tried taking the car away.

    Mate rings me days later nearly crying. Said he'd just got home & his
    car was gone.. & he still had $$ owing after vehicle was sold off [​IMG]

    I know there was talk about that because I read the media reports..
    but haven't seen anything since, so if its now been implemented, that'd
    be news to me.