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Vic warning citylink eastlink checking your reg"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, May 20, 2010.

  1. warning if you ride or drive an unregistered vehicle on citylink or eastlink the cops are now checking the cameras and sending out fines of around $600.00 for an unregistered bike or car .so if you don't have the cash to register your bike stay away.

    Just another way for the state government to steal money from the rider

  2. sorry, that is bullshit. You can't pay the registration, keep it off the road.

    That is not stealing, that is a wanker, who is riding an unregistered vehicle, being fined for being a numb nut.
  3. What he said!
  4. Yet another example of big brother at work, lets not have police patrolling where they can do some good, well take the easy way out

    1) Use cameras to send out fines(makes money)
    2) Have no police on the streets(saves money)

    State Government WINS!

    What happens if it's a fake plate?, the police can only check after the fact, so all those unregistered cars they are hoping to fine will just use fake plates...lets face it there are next to no police on the roads on patrol (except radar duty of course) so the chances of getting caught with a fake plate are pretty slim.

    I don't condone driving/riding unregistered for one minute but I HATE big brother, numberplate recognition and the like should be flushed down the toilet quick smart, the small number of people who will get caught doesn't merit the loss of the publics personal freedom to travel without being monitored.
  5. Sorry guys, but enforcing reg isn't revenue raising.....
    If you can't put aside $12-$13 a week for reg/tac, then you don't have money for riding... full stop!
    Most of reg is TAC which goes into medical, ambulance, recovery, etc should anyone get hurt on our roads. Sure I know it's not perfect but it's down right necesarry...
    And you only need to be reading mishaps on this forum to know how much is needed.

    Totally different to the ka-ching ka-ching camera bookings for 3 or 4k's over the limit.

    Police are also installing another device in patrol cars that constantly scan vehicles as they're driving then alert them if it finds and unpaid rego...
    The warning of this thread is good as it recommends everyone to do the right thing.
    What gov should do is make the 6 month reg options available to everyone and not just health care card holders..
  6. Police and government laziness at it's best. They'll both be making money with no expenditure perfect.
  7. Most of your registration is paying your CTP, it is insurance against you injuring someone on the road. If you can’t afford it then stay the F#$k of the roads.
    This isn’t revenue raising, this ensuring that people are paying their fair share.
    I am not a fan of big brother tactics, but I have no issues with this one.
  8. What's wrong with using modern technology to make a job more efficent. Every other commercial sector/industry converts to new technology as it becomes available. Maybe we could all go back to the horse and carriage.
  9. But if the police can automatically catch me using the toll cameras for riding my unregistered bike on the toll roads, then that means that they will have more time to do real policing, and that means I can whinge about getting booked for doing 160 down the freeway on my unregistered bike! It's a conspiracy of revenue raising!


    FFS I can't believe I've already wasted braincells on this thread. Pay your rego or you're just another part of the problem.

  10. What he said.
  11. What they both said.
    Sometimes people on here amaze me.
  12. What He said x4
  13. What he said x50!
  14. Welllll it's also kinda doubling up. Seeing as the fedgov provides health insurance already, TAC is really only a benefit to people who aren't permanent residents or citizens, and don't have private health insurance.

    I'd rather save $1,000/yr across my bike and car and not have TAC coverage, personally.
  15. Think you need to understand what the fedgov covers which is basic medicals.
    TAC covers other things like the $5000 ambulance fee to get airlifted out of the black spur, income assistance.........????

    oh why am I bothering, don't think I'd convince anyone with "Fascist Hater. FU, VicPol" sitting under their username...

    Look it up yourself as it's easy enough to find...
  16. TAC also pays you compensation for lost earnings if you screw yourself up so badly that you can't work anymore. Government doesn't do that.

    Neither did most of the CTP providers when I lived in NSW if you were the driver/rider at fault.

    Course if you're riding an unregistered bike, it may well be that you're not covered, so if you do bin the bike and slide down the freeway, you may have to pay the ambulance, medivac, hospital expenses yourself, without access to any income compensation etc etc etc.

    Geez, what a rip off.
  17. TAC also covers loss of income, ongoing rehabilitation expenses, and more. It's actually a very complete form of cover for road accidents.

    The one thing that I do disagree with about TAC cover though is that it's not per-license-holder, as opposed to per vehicle. I don't understand why I need to pay 4 x TAC charges for our 4 vehicles (2 cars + 2 bikes) when there are only 2 people licensed to drive in our home, and we can't be operating all 4 vehicles at once.
  18. Rego is a ripoff for bikes anyway. Cars weigh 10x as much as bikes and do 10x the damage to roads so it's no wonder people don't rego their bike.
    Just get another plate and you're fine. It's not like they know who u r.
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  19. HAHAHAH…
    Ya think…
    TAC Isn’t there to protect you. It is there to protect the other person if you and they are involved in an incident. As has been pointed out, it covers more than basic medical cover.
    The idea is so that someone isn’t left in the lurch because the idiot causing the accident has no resources to recover from (Read Litigate against)…
    Oh but that is right you come from the land of litigation. So this doesn’t make sense to you.
    Though as FLUX has pointed out, it does make sense to attach the TAC element to your license not your vehicle.
  20. Your not related to PatR1 by any chance?...=D&gt;