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[Vic] Wantirna-Sasafras Road, gravel warning!

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by arc, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. There's been a heap of large gravel pieces dropped between the road works signs, it's posted as 60 and there's no roadwork that we could see tonight, just a very large amount of big stones all over several corners. Very nasty right here.

    Quite treacherous, take extreme care.

  2. mountian hwy 2ks up from the basin i hate that road
  3. The link above is exactly where it's worst. Shame, it's a lovely riding road.

  4. did i mention that i hate that road?
  5. thanks for that. head up there most weekends but might give the mountain highway a miss this week. its a lovely bit of road.
  6. Went up the road Tuesday, gravel on the corners, clearly nobody thinks twice about what a hazard that is for motorcyclists.

    Meant to put up a warning myself, good on ya Arc.

    Excellent road when clean and no tourists / sunday drivers.
  7. That road is a deadly/dangerous piece of road at night........it got me once but on that occasion it was leaves on the bends.

    Did i say that i hate that road ?

    Well I do.

  8. I bit the dust on that road on thurday night but i still havent lost the love for it, when its clean and free from debris its beautiful, tight, twisted and to tackle it you need alot of concertration, alot like a good women.

    Never the less, i will again hit the hill and enjoy it for what it is
  9. They way they've left that great road while under construction is deplorable...
    I've done it hundreds of times both on moto and pushy and considering it's popularity, it's unforgivable and outright dangerous leaving it this wasy ever during conctruction.

    What is also unbelievable is that they worked on it for a few days and it's been void of any work for a few days now.
  10. this been cleaned up yet? was thinking of taking some new riders for a run up there.

    went up this morning anyway. still roadworks but only a few minor gravel patches, mainly on corners.