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[VIC] Walhalla Pub Lunch/Thompson Dam, Sun Dec 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bruce Fleming

    I am doing another ride to Walhalla on Sunday 14/12/08 and the Thompson Dam to see how low the water level has dropped to.

    Meeting at Mitre 10 cnr Main/Silvan rds Monbulk at 9.45 am for a 10.00 am departure earlier if you like for tea & coffee acro...

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  2. Guy's it's not looking to bad at this stage weather wise around 20c with showers, hoping this will change by the time sunday rolls around knee's crossed!

    Cheers Bruce
  3. i've done plenty of km's around thompson dam and walhalla, and i can tell you that if the road is wet, it's slippery as all hell. there's shady spots that dont dry for hours after it's cleared up, and if it's been windy, the road down to the dam is usually covered in debris like bark, branches, rocks, etc.

    so be careful down there!

    but the up side is there's only one policeman in the area, and he's based in Rawson.
  4. Sorry I can't make it, was keen on a run through those parts. :( Will catch you next Thursday.

    Bruce is leading peeps so it's guaranteed to be a good ride! Sign up now and receive a free Bruce bobble head pen!
  5. should be there brucey ;)

    do i get a pen?? lol
  6. Let me think now........... No!

    And as for the French guy with the bobble head pen comment, I have a little gift for you I will give it to you the next time I see you :butt:

    Cheers Bruce
  7. Thanks Craig for coming along was a great day, roads partly wet and a couple of showers but mostly sunny.

    Excellent lunch at the Wallie Pub did the tourist thing through Walhalla then over to the Thompson Dam then home great fun.

    Cheers Bruce
  8. no probs bruce ;)

    was good fun being TEC! hahahaha
    hopefully we'll get a better turn out next time!

    still a great ride anyway!

    craig :)
  9. So???? Is the dam full yet? :)
  10. yeah its full........... 1/4 full :p
    we are standing on the top of the wall here to give you an indication.........
  11. Maybe if a few of us took some bottles of water up there we could help it along.
  12. next time have a few more beers at the pub, then release your floodgates at the damn, that'll fill it up :p

    sounds like a good day in all, catch you on it in Jan :)