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[VIC] VSS Cruise #9, Sat Jun 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Matt

    Nunawading Bunnings
    250 Whitehorse Rd. Nunawading

    Saturday 24th June 2006
    8:30pm meet for a 9:30pm depart

    Please be aware that VSS does not tolerate any illegal activity, and VSS also takes no responsibility for any incidents t...

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  2. Isn't VSS Vic Street Scene?? The CAR club?? ie: Ex CCC members??

    How safe would it be having bikes on a cruise with cars trying to drift around corners and doing burnouts at every set of lights?
  3. Kraven,

    I know a couple of the VSS guys who organise the cruises and they are pretty red hot if you act like a dickhead...would probably be no more dangerous than riding to work/home :)
  4. yer dont like ccc people, went to one of the cruises and saw a massive fight. worse thing was, it was one of the club leaders who was fighting. bad people and have stuck away from them
  5. What's a "VSS"? And where does this "cruise" go to?
  6. car cruise... definitely won't be going on it on my bike :roll:
  7. I'm upset that my reply was moderated, as it was quite relevant and no more inappropriate that the above replies..... :?
    once again, it was to do with whether they were covered with public liability insurance (such as CAMS) with a 'club'......
    I will happily go on most cruises if they are covered.
  8. guys, i was going to put some more text up the top, but lost track when i had to add it to the calender instead

    anyway, VSS is VicStreetScene, and we aren't a rebirth of CCC, though we do own their domain at the moment, we're trying to change the reputation that CCC has left all car clubs with..

    we're wanting to encorporate bikes into our cruises, because alot of people affiliated with our club love bikes, and ride bikes, but because there hasn't been more than 1 or 2 bikes on cruises - people don't really want to be the minority... hence why i've came to you! haha

    i'd love to see VSS have a decent mix of bikes and cars.

    we aren't 'hoons' (as the media puts it), unlike some clubs - if you're seen doing burnouts or retarded driving on our cruises, you'll have VSS management tell you to go home and never come back.. if you stay, police will be called and we have plenty of witnesses to their irresponsible driving.

    i'm confident that our cruises are more than safe for bikes to join in and share in the fun, you're not only welcome - you're encouraged.

    in the coming weeks, you'll see VSS's website (won't spam it here, but you'll see it on the map and peoples windscreen if you attend) start to mix it up and curve the attitude that we're only a car related club.

    i'll be there to break the ice and get the ball rolling, i hope to see you guys there :)
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Matty. Just one more thing. What's "CCC" and what has it done to tarnish the rep of other car clubs?
  10. CCC is the Melbourne Car Cruise Club.
  11. nah, you're thinking of MCCR vic (melbourne car cruise registry)

    CCC was Commodore Cruise Club..

    i was with them for years, and it just went from bad to worse.

    i suppose thats what you expect from cruises that gathered as much at 400 cars, all P plater commodores....

    there were a few nasty fights, lots of bitching, way too many burnouts and bullshit drivers

    cops ended up just labelling all clubs as right-off's because of the trouble CCC caused.

    they were banned from doncaster park and ride because of the fighting and burnouts, and cops wouldn't give anyone who attended a chance to create an excuse, it was instant canary's for all..

    these days, with VSS, the cops are generally really nice with us, and when we have massive cruises (like easternats cruise each year) we ring and send in a letter to tell them of our plans, they appreciate it and they follow us around in an unmarked car (which is great as you have the presence, but paranoid people don't get spooked because its not a marked car).

    last cruise, a monaro highway patrol car came, and the officer and i ended up just sitting and chatting about his car for an hour, top bloke.
  12. you find out where it goes when you come to the first meet point, buy a map for a dollar and it'll have details of where we're going.

    theres usually 3 or 4 meet points, anywhere from half an hours ride to an hours ride apart.

    statistically speaking, my guess would be that the cruise ends somewhere in the eastern suburbs, they often do - but every now and then we try and change it around to be fair to people coming from the other sides of the city.
  13. So would I get a red card for doing wheelies?