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[VIC] VMAC Communique - October 09

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Chairman’s communiqué from 13 October 2009 meeting

    The October meeting of VMAC focused primarily on the developments of the Graduated License Scheme, with a preliminary research paper being presented to council members from the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).

    VMAC was pleased also to welcome Roger Pitt, from the Department of Sustainability & Environment to the October meeting. Roger provided Council members with information on a recent survey conducted by the DSE that analysed riders’ motivations, attitudes and behaviours.


    Graduated licensing is one potential method for reducing the incidence of crashes among novice motorcyclists. Some critical areas of vulnerability for novice riders have been identified, and the need to develop a licensing pathway that manages the novice road user through conditions of low risk from pre-license to full license has been proposed by VicRoads.

    The MUARC paper made recommendations including a review of the current testing process. The current testing system concentrates on basic skills and MUARC recommends a move towards a training and testing system that progresses a rider’s competency within the context of road based skills. Under varied conditions through the testing phase, a rider will implement skills acquired in night time riding, freeway riding and peak hour riding.

    The potential implementation of a new GLS as a staged process is currently under review by VicRoads, and is expected to require legislative change. A draft timeframe for consultation on potential elements of a new GLS is midway through 2010.

    VicRoads has undertaken a review of the way that information on protective clothing is communicated to motorcyclists. A motorcycle protective clothing communications audit, conducted on behalf of VicRoads identified that there are significant opportunities for the industry to enhance communications.

    An action plan, to be delivered by VicRoads is proposed with the purpose of developing a more coordinated approach from industry stakeholders and road safety agencies to give consumers a more informed choice when purchasing protective clothing.

    Riders attention is drawn to the upcoming 2009 Motorcycle Forums being held in Melbourne (10 November), Geelong (17 November), and Shepparton (25 November). Details of venues and times are provided at http://www.motorcycleforums.com.au/.

    This is an important opportunity to hear more about “Victoria’s Road Safety and Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009-2013” and to provide feedback to VMAC members and State Government agencies on issues of importance.

    Victoria Police updated council on recent activities conducted under the Community Policing & Education program which have included staffing display stands at the Royal Melbourne Show and the Bendigo Motorcycle Expo. Through coordinated Police intelligence, targeted areas prevalent in motorcycle trauma have been identified and state wide and regional operations continue under the Yellow Flag – Black Flag program.

    Indicative signs continue to show positive feedback from riders and drivers, and continue to confirm that the project is delivering on expectations.

    Next Meeting
    The next meeting of VMAC is scheduled for Thursday 10 December 2009 at VicRoads.
    Cameron Cuthill
    Acting VMAC Chairman
  2. good stuff Tony, I believe this is what smee was suggesting
  3. I think if you do a search you'll find the communiques have been published on here since at least August 2008.

    They usually run some time behind the meetings.