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[VIC] VMAC Chairman's Communiqué - Dec 2009

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Chairman’s communiqué from 10 December 2009 meeting

    VMAC was pleased to welcome Rhys Griffiths, from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries to the December meeting as the replacement for Ray Newland. Chris McNally,VicRoads’ Director of Registration & Licensing Operations also attended the meeting to provide further information on current licensing procedures as VMAC moves towards a proposed funding
    source for a motorcycle Graduated Licencing Scheme.

    The December meeting wound up a strong year of progress for VMAC. In some ways we are now “turning the page” as we move into a new decade. For those who have been involved in the two wheeler policy debate for a long time I think it is well worth taking some satisfaction at the advances which have been made in the past two years. The need for better research, LAMS, recognition of off-road needs, incorporating PTW’s into official transport policy, improved rider training and greater a focus on driver attitudes have all now been accepted into the policy agenda, with key initiatives in many of these areas already delivered.

    Our most important statistic – deaths and serious injuries of riders and pillions in Victoria continues to trend down (while sales and registrations increase). The national casualty trend is in the opposite direction. Something is working in Victoria. VMAC members are all committed to making sure this continues.

    At September 30, 2009 fatalities in Victoria were 30 (down from 38 at 30/9/2008) and serious injuries 663 (down from 843). These statistics tell us that, while a strong reduction of over 20% in both categories has been achieved, there is still a very big job to do on the safety front. We also know that there is a distressing personal experience behind every one of the crashes. We need to do much more work to understand each one in order to develop stronger policy responses.

    Most VMAC members would agree that the whole package of measures is working – with blackspot treatments as the measurable stand out. We also agree we are entering into a new zone where most of the gains will come from working with riders and drivers on skills, attitudes and hazard perception.

    More focus will also be given to Motorcycle Safety Levy programs such as “assisted rides”, community education and policing, improved preparation and licensing that will continue the working relationship between VMAC, VicRoads, TAC and Victoria Police to reach riders and drivers with key safety messages.

    VMAC ANNUAL REPORT 2008/2009
    VMAC has continued to keep the Minister well informed of the Council’s activities through a range of channels. However to complement these and other communication activities a VMAC Annual Report 2008-2009 has been produced. Minister Pallas has approved its publication and a copy of the report is now available on the VMAC page of the VicRoads website.

    In November 2009, VicRoads along with Victoria Police and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and members of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC) ran three motorcycle forums across Victoria to talk to motorcycle riders. The three metropolitan and country motorcycle forums were well attended, with over 200 people participating at forums held in Melbourne, Geelong and Shepparton. A summary of the issues raised during the forums is
    being collated and is expected to be available to the Council and forum attendees by mid January.

    VMAC and the State Government agencies which participated in the forums will consider the issues raised in the delivery of current projects, the development of future projects and initiatives and in the formulation of future action plans under Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009-2013 (the current action plan contains actions to be delivered in 2009- 2011)

    I would like to thank people who attended and assure them that the process is well worth the thinking and effort behind attending these forums.

    At the launch of the PTW strategy in August Minister Pallas confirmed Victoria’s leadership position as the first state to formally adopt motorcycles and scooters as a considered component of the state transport strategy. This is an exciting breakthrough for riders and industry advocates.

    Work has already begun on measures which put that commitment into effect in the years ahead. This work will be guided by planners and policy makers in VicRoads, Victoria Police, Department of Transport, TAC, and other agencies.
    PTW vehicles are here to stay and are expected to continue to increase in numbers. Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers. 2009-2013 formally recognises PTWs are a part of Victoria’s transport future. It commits the Victorian Government to continuing to reduce motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries but also to ensuring that PTWs are given appropriate recognition in transport policy and planning. This change in thinking is reflected in the diverse range of priority actions to be undertaken in the first three years (2009- 2011) of the action plan.

    VMAC will continue to review input from riders, industry leaders, planners and researchers to assist the future development of new initiatives.

    Pending the outcome of the transport advisory council review, the Minister has extended the current term of sitting VMAC members till the end of March 2010.

    Congratulations to VMAC member, Wendy Taylor, on being awarded the NRMA Road Safety Practitioner Award for the best paper on a completed road safety program at the recent 2009 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference in NSW.

    Wendy’s paper on the “RoadSafe Inner Melbourne Community Road Safety Council Motorcycle Route Safety Review project” was about a successful community Roadsafe strategy on inner suburban motorcycle routing. Wendy’s receipt of the award reflects the expertise behind the contribution VMAC members are able to make in the future of transport policy.

    May I take this opportunity to thank the VMAC members for their continuing commitment and effort in 2009.

    They would join me in thanking Jill Earnshaw and Mike Smith (new VMAC Secretary) for the performance of the VMAC Secretariat as the profile of PTW issues has gained increasing attention from key policy makers and government. On behalf of VMAC I would also like to thank those members of the road safety and network management areas for developing and delivering projects to make motorcycling in Victoria safer and more enjoyable.

    I take this opportunity to wish everybody a safe and happy festive period. We look forward to continuing the progress in 2010.

    Neil O’Keefe
    VMAC Chairman
  2. ...RoadSafe Inner Melbourne Community Road Safety Council Motorcycle Route Safety Review project...

    What's all this about, then? (tinfoil hat removed...)
  3. No Titus.

    First post has to be along the lines of "Bloody VMAC what have they ever done for us the government lackies. And as for the MRA bloody splitters."

    Hope this is helpful.
  4. I don't have the actual report but the overheads here will give you an idea - you can leave the tin foil hat off now. :)