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[vic] Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Rally.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by BlueRex, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Rally.

    Bikes of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties

    See hear and smell the bikes that changed motorcycling forever.

    Information and registration www.vjmc.org.au

    Public Open day Noon - 5pm
    Saturday 27th March 2010
    Healesville Racecourse, Yarra Glen-Healesville Road, Yarra Valley, Victoria
    Entry Adults $2.00
    Family $5.00
  2. Looking forward to it, thanks for the reminder.
  3. Anyone else go? It was a decent enough display I thought; though a few too many restored 70s inline 4s and too few 60s and 70s hacks or racers for my taste.
  4. Can I get in for free if I bring along my MC19? kekekek

    EDIT: Oh bugger, posted too late... Never mind! ^_^
  5. Bit quiet after the last one, but it was an okay day out. I did get there late...
  6. We didn't expect it to be as big as last year as it was only 6 months since the last one but saying that it was not a bad turn out. About 130 Bikes i think.

    I just got back had a great ride with the group this morning.
  7. You could have registered it on the day :)