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[VIC] Victorians back speed limit cuts

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. MUARC at it again


    Victorian drivers back speed limit cuts on country roads

    MOST drivers would support a cut in country road speed limits from 100km/h to 90km/h to improve road safety, research has found.

    A Monash University study of 4100 drivers, 1217 of them Victorians, has been a breakthrough for road safety experts, who have battled the unpopularity of cutting speed limits.

    they can't be serious.

    here's the report

  2. Re: MUARC at it again

    That can hardly be counted as a 'study'.

    They're just talking out their arses to get attention again.
  3. Re: MUARC at it again

    I couldn't even bear to read the report, just the news article and abstract. Both show such blatant bias that reading the report would be too painful for me to read.

    Those MUARC people just have to be shut down. But who the hell is motivating them to produce such rubbish? Sure they get funding from the government, but if I was producing such biased crap I would be physically ill at the thought of going to work every day.
  4. Re: MUARC at it again

    It's amazing how quickly this crap gets picked up by the press.
  5. Re: MUARC at it again

    Dear MUARC, your staff may be academically retarded.
  6. ffs, 90km/hr....

    hmmm, i been told nz has some amazing roads, if this keeps up i might go and find out ](*,)
  7. This has already been canvassed in the MUARC thread.
  8. I cant believe this crap... what is wrong with people?

    It wouldnt matter if they made it 50kph, there will still be young blokes killing themselves. The Mill Park 5 for example - did it matter to that driver he was in an 80kph zone.. it unfortunatley it wasnt even a thought.

    Its always the people that do right 99% of the time that get caught lapsing for a sec behind the wheel and flash there goes $200..

    Its not right!!
  9. I'm sure I can run a poll and find at least 1,000 people that supporting beating down politicians and nanny statists with crowbars.
  10. Report here: http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/reports/muarc293.pdf

    I looked it up because I remember research suggesting fatigue and boredom being signifigant factors. And then I find on page 17:

    "Whilst in some crashes, speed can certainly be attributed as the primary cause, in other cases, speed may only play an indirect or secondary causal role, with other factors, such as driver fatigue or a lapse in concentration being the predominant contributor to the crash"
  11. I'd be clicking yes.

    So that's two so far.
  12. MUARC are a bunch of c**** who would cut off their nose to spite their face.

    When the speed limit is dropped without cause it is ignored, that is a fact.

    Dropping the speed limit by 10% will do what?

    RobSalv will be along with an analogy about bridge heights directly...
  13. I was discussing the road toll in another (non-bike) forum.

    The number of people who think speed is the cause of most crashes was astonishing.

    Even when presented with the evidence to the contrary.

    In South Australia, in 2005, there were 147 deaths.

    "Police reported that 7 South Australians died due to excessive speed in 2005."

    Less than 5%.
  14. This is the issue, the attitude is if you're not doing the speed limit you better hurry up. Not so, especially for country roads. Needs to be more education on that. In tassy I noticed alot of '100; its a limit, not a challenge' or something to that effect.

    Again it comes back to the issue of personal responsibility, sadly too many numpties are so unskilled they require numbers every 10 metres to let them know what speed is safe and are unable to make a judgment call based on the conditions.

    Most people dont go on country roads often, so I'm guessing the majority of the participants of the study are rather ignorant in this matter.
  15. +1

    I'll bet they asked a whole lot of Melbournians who only spend several hours per year on country roads, if that. Just another case of the city enforcing their demented will upon the country.
  16. 90kmh? Did they leave a 1 off it?
  17. Re: MUARC at it again

    What a load of bullshit!!!!!

    MUARC must be disbanded and their "researchers" shot
  18. somebody please reconcile these two "statistics" for me, when they say the limit should be lowered!!

    MOST drivers believe a speed limit is not the maximum but an approximate indicator of what speed to drive.

    MORE than half of drivers think police aim at speeding motorists to make money for the Government.

    How can you want the limit lowered, only to treat it as a ballpark and then complain about monetary enforcement?
  19. I have merged the 2 threads on this into one.