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[VIC] Victorian Road Race Championships, Sun Sep 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Vic

    Netrider is proud to announce that it will sponsor a feature race for the upcoming VRR championships at Broadford on the 2nd of September.

    There is an area that is being set up (classroom) for use by Netrider members with the coffee cart being place...

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  2. :tantrum: Father's day?!?!

    If I want to maintain my first and favoured sibling priviliges... I'll have to miss this... :(

    Way to go Vic and NR.

    Anyone we know racing?
  3. This is gonna be an awesome day - if you've been talking about getting down and watching Cejay, Novacoder, Doit and Doit jr scrapping it out in the Twin Sprints class, here's your perfect opportunity! Not to mention a full card of juniors, seniors and balls-out superbike shenanigans. Hey JohnnyO, are you gonna get out for a race that weekend too?

    Thanks to Vic agreeing to sponsor a race, Netrider members will have full access to the classroom building, where we can leave our gear, eat, drink, be merry, watch the races and laugh at the misfortune of others if it starts raining. Sue (susuzuki) has been quick to ensure that PROPER coffee will be available right next door.

    Plus you get to watch Blodders be a brolly dolly. I'm looking forward to this one big time!
  4. got my lycra hot pants picked out allready ;)
  5. If I want to maintain my first and favoured sibling priviliges... I'll have to miss this... :(

    Rob, bring the family , great day out..... better than a crowded restaurant or a badly cooked sponge
  6. How about a smashed date pudding
  7. Rob, the Vic RR is a 2 day event. Practice, qualifying and racing on Day 1 and racing on Day 2. Apparently we get transponders and the like and have to qualify for grid position. Apparently it's a bit more serious than club events :shock:

    Mind you, they still haven't debited my cc yet, so I hope I'm entered.
  8. Hopefully we will be able to get to this, it's on the boardroom table as we speak.

    Would love to get up and support the guys :grin:
  9. Anybody interested in coming down can PM susuzuki or MVrog if they want to get involved in a bit of behind the scenes action or help out around the circuit. This is a great way to get to learn a bit more about racing if you have been thinking about getting involved...
  10. Ah, Sat could be the go. Just up the road too.
  11. Cool, just seen this thread...I'll be the one at the back who's in front at the start :?
  12. Watch out for blodders in the mumble pants
  13. Watch out for chengaleng also. She will be mentoring contestants in the face contorting competition. How many nr's think that they will be there? Show hands please, for catering purposes. Broadford police want to know also, so that they have enough "accomodation" available.
  14. Yep, plan to get along to this event. Just to watch and laugh, unless the guys really need some assistance.

    So can I park my bike in the classroom as well, if it rains? :twisted:

    I'll pass on the Broadford accomodation though. . . :p
  15. Steps lead up to the classroom, so that may prevent your duke from staying dry. As for your good self, you will manage them easily if sober.
  16. What time's the racing start on Sat? Might bring the young fella up for a look.
  17. Good question...I'm racing and I don't know!

    Expect to see people on the track from 9ish, but this will be practice and qualifying. I believe there is a race that day, otherwise there are races on Sunday.
  18. 11am should see racing begin, all being well. Have a bit of a sleep-in.
  19. :LOL:
    Been a long time since I've heard that term, Rog
  20. Been a while since I used it. Are you going to grace us with your presence Sarz?