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[VIC] Victorian Road Race Championships, Round 1, Broadford

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. [VIC] Victorian Road Race Championships, Round 1, Broadford

    Added to Calendar by: Susan Edwards

    The State Motorcycle Complex at Broadford is the venue for a huge weekend of two wheel racing on the weekend of 18th & 19th April.
    Conducted by The Preston Motorcycle Club, the event is attracting top road racers from all over Australia. The Victorian...

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  2. Is the Harvey Wiltshire Memorial being run in conjuction with this again this year?
  3. No, the 58th annual Harvey will be run at the last round as a finale to the year's racing.
    The feature race at this first round on Sunday arvo, is the Peter Stevens over 500cc C grade challenge. A 25 lap race.
    First place prize is a $1000.00 race account at Peter Stevens plus a set of race leathers, helmet, boots and gloves!
  4. PrestonMCC has some complimentary tickets for Netrider members.
    (weekend passes are $20 per ticket)
    One ticket per Netrider member only.
    Please post your name here, before 5pm Thursday16th April, if you would like one.
    Tickets will be left at the gate, in your name from Saturday morning.
  5. 25 laps at broadford will make me dizzy =P
  6. no racing adventures for cejay!!!
    ....... and no Liz.
    You will both be missed next weekend. :cry:
  7. I'm going to Mareeba next weekend to volunteer and check out what they have going on.

    Sue, when is my Preston fees due? I need to renew my MA licence as well....
  8. Especially Liz, Englishmen are a dime a dozen. I wish I could make the event but I'll be off celebrating Greek Easter at a friend's place. Have fun guys.
  9. well..... if PMCC members advised the club of change of address details, when their membership expired in June, they would get a renewal notice in May.
    To obtain a licence renewal form, you have to request the club secretary to send you a signed & stamped form, which as a financial member you can do.
    Now Cejay..... remember those adoption papers PMCC served on Liz?
    Can we renew those too?

    ,,,, be interested on "what's happening at Mareeba"
  10. so saturday is practice day and sunday is race day? what time does it start?
  11. friday is practice,
    saturday am, is qualifying, racing starts at noon.
    sunday racing starts at 10am.
  12. do you have the schedule?
  13. yep, but I think the file is too big to upload it here.
    Turn up at Broadford & pick up a program, or go to PMCC web site & view supp regs.
  14. Looks good. I'll chat to the boss and see if I can get both the kids interested.
  15. here you go.


    These pages are direct from the 2009 program.