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[Vic] Victorian Government pulls funding for Bicycle infrastructure

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, May 3, 2012.

  1. This just popped up in the news feeds... haven't gone looking for the official BV reaction.

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    Bike chief slams budget

    Reid Sexton
    May 3, 2012 - 12:00AM

    BICYCLE Network Victoria has slammed the state budget, saying it reversed 20 years of progress.

    Its chief, Harry Barber, said he was shocked by the decision to stop funding the VicRoads Bicycle Program, which delivers bicycle infrastructure across the state.

    He said high-priority infrastructure projects planned for next year, such as a cyclists' bridge over the Maribyrnong River at Footscray, had also not been funded.

    "We never expected that the Baillieu government would reverse 20 years of gradual progress by both both sides of politics and shut down one of the most popular and effective programs in the government," he said. "This decision is clearly not the result of a careful and measured budget reduction process, it is a deliberate policy decision to do nothing."

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    Interesting funding decision, along with previous cuts to windfarms and solar hot water, and more recently, farmer health, welfare, education, parts of the health system, public employment... but giving the police an open cheque book to fund road enforcement programs never before seen...

    Very interesting!
  2. Oohhhhh, the pushy brigade are going to love this...... haha
  3. Doesn't make a lot of difference to me either way, never needed 'infrastructure' to pedal a bike around.
    But I would have given an eye to see Harry Barber turn purple when he read about this :p
  4. Labour spends money like it's water, Libs save money like it's going out of fashion.

    I wonder how much we would get for that desal plant if we put it on eBay?
  5. Looks like the Govt has got off their bikes and gone back to Tax payer provided chofouer Driven, Govt supplied, Personal cars, And free petrol,

    Who needs a bike path, And it is not near Elections, Hahahaha
  6. I used to support bike paths but the truth is hardly anyone uses them. The money would probably be better utilised elsewhere like helping to reduce hospital waiting times.
  7. A lot less than you'll need to pay to get it back when the next 10 year drought rolls around and water demand has doubled.
  8. By then we'll need another one.
  9. I ride a push bike as well a motorbike but considering that our shire has a grand total of 2 pairs of painted white lines on the 2 major roads through town to show for '20 years of progress' (and they were paid for by our local council) I'm finding it rather hard to be upset about this particular cutback...
  10. As a commuter who uses the amazing paths we have along the yarra twice a week when possible I can ride my pushie from Williamstown to Glen Iris and use about 1km on a roadway that is not a marked bike path, the rest is on the bikepaths. For SRA to say they are seldom used it's because you can't see them from the road numbnuts!! It's like a freeway!!
    I'm pissed off because they were going to add a path along fishermans bend in Lorimer street as there is no path at all, they were going to use the disused rail line that runs along the left side so as not to intrude onto the roadway.
    All governments are fuckers the libs especially
  11. Once upon a time I fought hard to get a missing section completed between two points of a major path. Our elected state representative set the ball rolling and it was finally built but hardly anyone used it.
  12. Did you even READ what I wrote?
    What you claim to see is irrelevant when I actually EXPERIENCE the opposite, again it is also probably dependant on where you are and where you are going.
    did you know that there is a bike path alongside and underneath the monash freeway up to Warragul road and beyond and that is is used by hundreds of commuters daily?
  13. get a mountain bike and make your own path
  14. I read it and I have 7 push bikes. I agree that there may be a need closer to the CBD but as you said location is important although it is hard to justify in the outer suburbs.
  15. Sunbury would have been even harder, Even Impossible, A Pollie must live there for that to happen, Hahahaha
  16. Wasn’t Sunbury. The only thing Sunbury got is an electrified train that no one wanted.
  17. That's not actually true. It wasn't that no one wanted Sunbury to have an electrified train it was that no on IN Sunbury wanted Sunbury to have an electric train.

    The regular train travelers from Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Woodend and Gisborne OTOH love the idea since it would remove the majority of Sunbury-Melbourne passengers from the overloaded V/Line country line service.
  18. Nah, someone could have done a much better job negotiating a contract that costs that damn much.

    That's assuming it's finished in the next 10 years...
  19. I'd like to see legislation that bans pushies from any road that has a bike path.

    It would get them off Beach Road for starters......
  20. Heli, Liz Derome just did a study on bicycle accidents and injuries... The biggest proportion happen on shared paths. Peds with no awareness & a cyclist with some speed are not a good mix unfortunately.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'