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[VIC] Victoria speed limit tolerance level revealed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Well?


    July 06, 2007 08:05am

    IT was supposed to be a tightly kept secret but South Australia's top cop admits he blundered yesterday by making public the speed limit tolerance level in Victoria.
    The tolerance level is a margin given to motorists above the speed limit as a benefit of the doubt.

    SA Police Commissioner Mal Hyde told a Budget estimates committee on Tuesday that Victoria's speed tolerance level, generally believed to be 3km/h, was in fact 6km/h.

    Mr Hyde refused to detail SA's tolerance level, saying if he did motorists would treat that as a speed limit.

    Mr Hyde yesterday said he was wrong to comment on Victoria's tolerance level.

    "I made some comments during the Parliamentary estimates committee on road safety because the questions were related to the tolerance level here in South Australia," he said.

    "I didn't expect the comments in the South Australian Parliament would become a matter of public interest within Victoria. I have spoken to (Victorian Police) Commissioner Christine Nixon about that.

    "It probably would have been better for me not to make any comments about it."
  2. And yet even that speed still doesn't account for the 10% tolerence above 60km/h..... :evil:
  3. See, this is very interesting.

    If, in fact, this is true, then I have an opportunity to goto court and have some of my fines "re-looked at" as I was advised 3km.

    Can someone please verify this - if it is true, I will be taking legal action.
  4. I've privately believed this for a long time. It was hinted at in the car magazine I worked for a few years ago, but never widely discussed.
    I think it's probably a fair strategy. Once the general populace knew there was a tolerance level, people factored that into their risk taking.
    My particular beef with speed enforcement these days is not with the tolerance level, but with the incessant lowering of limits to really ridiculous levels in many locations (but that's another issue).
  5. I've been pinged for 3k.
    The only way this (story) could be true is if the equipment was calibrated -3k to start with. Not sure about the legals if they are.
  6. Calibration is not the issue - The legal regulated limit surpasses the calibration accuracy of equipment.....

    I may go and make contact with my attourney........ See what he knows.
  7. I read that speed camera's are set at 6km/h over.

    So if you're going 66km/h in a 60 zone, the camera car will flash you and deduct 3km/h and you'll get a fine for 63kmh.

    If they get you at 64 or 65, you may get flashed but no ticket will be issued.

    They always have to deduct the 3kmh, I don't think anyone has ever gotten a ticket for 61kmh, (ie. they got pinged at 64kmh)..
  8. Was it by a copper? Because a copper can get you at 3km/h over the limit, deduct 2kmh amd ping you for 1km/h over the limit and fine you $135 and one point.

    If i'm right, you were done at 6km over, not 3
  9. I've heard that it's 7 kays which tends to line up with my experience and that of others who I know were pinged for doing 4 kays over (after "legislative tolerance" is applied).

    Whatever, cameras have their fixed "tolerance" while with human police the figure could vary according to (a) what you were actually doing at the time and (b) the attitude factor.
  10. Hume Freway Violet Town a couple of years ago.
    Detected speed 113 knoced down to 111.
    Hence my point about -3 calabration to start with. I may well have been doing 116 I didnt know at the time and was quicker than that earlier..... but nothing shown to me at the time said 116 or anything more than 113. Was hand held radar/laser.

    I copped it because I HAD been peddling pretty hard :LOL:
  11. Yeah makes sense. If you had passed a camera (fixed or car), you wouldn't have been pinged.

    It'd be much better if cops were subject to the same tolerance as camera's, but that's not going to happen.

    But to fair to the PO LEESE, I've passed them at 10kmh over heaps of times and they've never even looked at me.

    The other point is that ADR's allow a speedo to be 10% out, but a 10% tolerance is out of the question, the voters would never allow it. So us Mexicans just have to suck it up and be wary of any cars parked suspiciously on the side of the road.
  12. Should not that have been 110 km/h? 113-3=110?

    Anyway, it doesn't matter, given that you're in the next tax bracket, anyway.

    My philosophy is that if you're gonna speed and fully expect to cop it and can afford to, then do to the upper limit of the bracket that you're willing to speed in. Whether you're 10 kays over or 19 kays over the fine is the same.

    My problem with this though was that I was pinged for doing over 70 in a 60 zone. My speedo and GPS said that I was doing 68. The error in the radar meant an extra few bucks and extra points. And like I said elsewhere it would've been my word against the radar/TCO, especially given that the GPS in question at the time didn't allow for data downloads.
  13. Doesn't that make them 10km over??

    If you are doing 115 in a 110 zone you are actually pinged for being 15km over? They take it back to the 100 in order to prevent people pushing it right up to 139 before losing their ticket?

    Thats my understanding of the law. I've never been wrong in the past :p
  14. Not quite, you are fined for whatever you are over the posted limit, but 130km/h is still the magic number where they can tear up your license. (unless you are lucky enough to be licensed interstate so all they can do is wave their finger at you and send a bill)
  15. Without looking it up (and I don't really want to given that Vicroads website is a PITA to navigate and find anything), as far as I remember, the fine brackets are 0-9kays over, 10-20, 20-25, 25-40 and over 40 kays, except when doing 125 in a 110 zone it's still over 125 that's the magic walking bracket. It used to be 130.

    So, if you're gonna speed then do 109, or 119, or whatever the upper limit of each bracket is, depending on how deep your wallet is. Because whether it's say, 107, the alleged trigger point for cameras and cops discretion or 109 the fine is still the same. Ditto for 110 or 120 over.

    Not that I advocate this, of course.
  16. Most likely that state's licensing authority will remove it if the alleged speed in the away state is licence losing in your home state. NT people might get away with it...