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[VIC] VicRoads to change numberplate format for motorcycles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. I just received the following email from Vic Roads:

    RE: Motorcycle Number Plate Format

    VicRoads is moving later this year to change the motorcycle general issue number plate format to cease the issue of duplicate number plates across vehicle classes (motorcycles, cars and trailers). This decision is in response to concerns that duplicate number plates result in enforcement errors and community confusion.

    Following a review of general issue motorcycle number plate formats utilised by other jurisdictions, VicRoads will adopt the following format for motorcycle general issue number plates:

    Number-Letter-Number-Letter-Letter, eg 1A.2BC

    VicRoads is progressing necessary system changes. When implemented, motorcycle operators will be able to retain their existing number plates or changeover to the new format free of charge. When an existing general issue motorcycle number plate is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, it will not be re-issued. A number plate in the new format will be issued. Existing duplicate number plates across vehicle classes will not be recalled.

    The decision to limit duplicate number plates across vehicles classes does not impact holders of custom plates.
  2. Someone at VicRoads had a slow week and needed to be seen to be doing something?
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  4. Nope, read the whole OP - they were having trouble fining people accurately =D>
  5. Not surprised at this. A friend of mine copped a fine in the mail. The camera link the caravan rego in the photo to him. Trouble was, this happened in South Oz when his van was safely garaged at home here in Vic and he was at work.

    Turned out the two vans, his and the offender's, had the same rego number...
  6. i actually quite like the new number letter combo, it's looks like a biatch to remember\\:D/
  7. Best news I've had from VicRoads all week.

    That confusing amalgam of random letters and numbers should be far more difficult for do-gooders to memorize than the current format.

    Kudos to them!
  8. Wonder who's going to get 1D1OT??
  9. =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>

    SHOTGUN!!! :grin:

    I tried thinking of good ones yesterday and couldn't... Can I take that one!?!?!??!
  10. Which makes a total mockery of the reason they state they are changing it! There is a lot of money to be had in Custom Plates though!! And since when have people had difficulty distinguishing between a motor cycle and another 4 or more wheeled vehicle? Sounds like thev real reason is something other than what they are telling us!!!
  11. Dave, care to expand on your theories?
  12. 1R4TE
    4S0ME etc


    i like 1D1OT.

    do they use O? or just 0?
  13. 5w1ft
    3B0NY & 1V0RY
  14. my friend bought a bike in vic that we found out was apparantly reported stolen, but then it turned out that a car in NT had the same rego and was stolen, not the bike.
  15. hahahahahahah @ 1W4NK, thats awsome
  16. 5H1TE

    Why isn't there just a national DB to prevent this problem in the first place?

    Oh, that's right, VicRoads et al aren't into prevention.
  17. 5C0OT

    for specific models