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[VIC] VicRoads safetycrat blows whistle on greed cameras, ACA 6:30pm 25/10/10

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Watch "A current affair" TONIGHT - they've apparently got a camera whistle blower.

    The report should be available to watch at your leisure on ACA's site after tonight. http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/

  2. As much as I'll enjoy anyone poking the Brumby government with a stick coming up to election time, I am a little bit disappointed that it looks like another small fish story about the technicalities and accuracy of cameras.

    The big issue IMO is the corrupt and rapacious policy that governs the setting of speed limits themselves, rather than the manner of their enforcement. But that's just my hobbyhorse.
  3. A fine hobby horse too.

    The liberal alternative is even worse as they pursue the populist "we're tough of crime" bullshit.

  4. For me it's both. In some cases the speed limits are set ridiculously low. However, the 'zero tolerance' enforcement forces unsafe driving/riding practices that cause accidents.

    There is a middle ground there somewhere, the challange is to find it and have the government accept it.
  5. Hmm, hope its something that forces change rather than a typical ACA report and forget report....
  6. An' that's why I'm definitely not going to be voting for them. Labour may be bad at the moment, but I'm not so sick of them that I'm willing to opt for people who're saying they'll be even worse :?.

  7. What a load of rubbish that was......... Difference between speed and speeding??? How can he say there is no difference.

    Need a public/govt forum on the topic. (the camera's that is)
  8. yeah, that coppa really put his foot in it then. i LOL'd.
  9. Just a bit to complicated for him,got to spout the company line,even when sinking out of sight
  10. Where do they get them from, DUHHHHH, That coppers some thing else,
  11. That boy superintendent had NFI. FFS. His body language, apart from anything else, proved he doesn't even believe his own lies. The reported nailed him on the "speed"/"speeding" question. Pricks.
  12. The more negative publicity about speed cameras, and raising the question of whether they actually work can only be a good thing.

    Was better than their usual rubbish reports.
  13. Exactly what I thought. What a weasely piece of shit that cop was.
  14. On Today Tonight they had a competing story. Some guy had gathered statistics both within Australia, and around the world, and plotted them all out, and found that Speed Cameras made no statistical difference to the road toll. Most places in the western world, the road toll has dropped by around the same amount in the same time as it has in Victoria. They didn't get into the reasons why it's dropped, but my guess is that it's the same reason as most people believe, that being better/safer cars on the road with better crash protection.

    They had a cop there towards the end saying that nation-wide the ongoing effects of road injuries costs the country $40B annually and that this is why we have speed cameras, which of course completely avoided the topic that the speed cameras don't do anything to reduce the road toll anyway. ie. a smoke and mirrors dodge of the issue. The cop was even saying that low-level speeding (ie. 5kph over sort of stuff) was really dangerous.
  15. I was going to try and find it online (either TT or ACA). Not interested now, it'll just make me angry.
  16. It's government sanctioned corruption. They wheel out these experts at traffic seminars/meetings/ho-downs, get a guest speaker from hmmm, let's see - REDFLEX - and convince the fat cats and bean counters that safety cameras will save lives (and ring in the cha-ching $$$$$$).

    The channel 9 news tonight trotted out some knob from the Rich Traffic Authority and showed some film from the new safety cameras. Wow, 3 examples that they kept replaying. Cars going at twice the speed limit through an intersection. It would not have mattered one bit if that camera was there or not, those cars were still going to be driven in that manner.

    The most dramatic drop in NSW's road fatalities occurred in the early 1990's - and has remained on par roughly with each year ever since. Despite an increasing population, despite higher vehicle ownership and more vehicles on our roads and despite the crap roads getting crappier. Has more to do with new vehicle safety me thinks than the various campaigns run ad nauseum to a gullible public.

    Why is it, we can clone a sheep, severe a rat's spinal cord and repair it with stem cells - but we can't fix a ferking pot hole at the entrance to my local shopping centre that continually gets filled and then holed out???? Tangent, sorry...

    There will always be death on our roads. Collateral damage.
  17. That's what happens when you have a very lax system for issueing licences. How is it car drivers who can cause alot more damage to the enviroment around them (buildings/over vehicles/pedestrians) only require to pass a theory based test to be allowed out onto the roads (though supervised) and motorcycles riders have to do a practical skills test and knowledge test before even being allowed out on the roads? Hypocrasy i say!
  18. While that has some bearing on it, at the end of the day the only way to achieve a zero road toll is to ban roads.

    But, if you do that people will just find another way to kill and injure themselves.....
  19. Can go further than that - the only way to prevent death is to prohibit life.

    I get what you're saying. It's the old 'perceived risk' conundrum. People will find something to do, and take risks up right up to the point it slaps them in the face. Then they back off. It doesn't have to be on the roads.