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VIC [Vic] Vicroads agitating on Twitter about motorcycles and speed cameras.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Vicroads have punched out on twitter:

    VicRoads ([MENTION=14583]vic[/MENTION]Roads)
    19/09/12 10:01
    60% of speeding motorcylists don't get fined b/c speed cameras can't identify them.Have your say #roadsafetysurvey [MENTION=23568]Jus[/MENTION]tice_vic...

    I'd like to respond, "Take the lens caps off", but I'm not a twitterer at this stage.

    The tweet could be seen as an idictment of the camera system, but the inference is that riders are getting away with it, that this is unfair and if the community agrees, we should make it stop.

    Get on and have your say.
  2. Okay, I'll go and have my say...

    Who authorised this tweet, can we find out?
  3. my reply isnt working.. not sure why.. but there is only one reply to it at the moment using it as ammo to not register push bikes..
  4. My reply wasn't working either
  5. It's also been retweeted by a racehorse, named Keith :-s.
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  6. Gotta love twitter.. im actually using my dogs account.. yes thats right.. he had a transmitter on his collar and it put random things on his twitter.. Pres OBAMA's dog was a follower :) 3 degrees of separation to the whitehouse :)
  7. didn't they get hammered about this very misrepresentation at the recent motorcycle safety hearing... surely if it's already been identified as bullshit they hsouldn't be allowed to keep propogating it?

    they may have changed from "because they don't have front plates" to "because they can't be identified" but once they already misrepresented the facts so publicly the inference is already there... they SHOULD be forced to make a retraction/correction when they pull this shit.
  8. No, that was TAC.
  9. oooooh... same same. they're all full of shit, they're just smearing it round between them to share the load.
  10. I've replied. Utterly outrageous. They're urging people to fill out their survey to attack those nasty motorcyclists. And all based on dodgy stats. Bitter irony is that the tweet contains the hashtag justice_vic.
  11. "Oh people can come up with statistics to prove anything Kent. 14% of people know that" - Homer
  12. Get a twitter Account and hit back Now ""

    Do the f**king survey 10 times northing to lose ""
  13. They were saying that 60% of speeding motorcycles failed identification due to a lack of FNP. This is a lie. The 2010 data does confirm that 60% of detected speeding bikes couldn't be identified, but half of those failures were from the front and half were from failed rear facing shots. There's a few famous pics of license plate coverage, mono's or motorcross bikes zipping past cameras which the police media department used to paint all riders in a negative light, but for the vast majority, the camera system just fell short detecting every day legally plated bikes.
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  14. Notice that the tweet didn't mention FNP though.. just that 60% of speeding motorcyclists caught on camera cannot be identified..

    That may be correct, but it's unnecessarily inflammatory, and combined with the lead-by-the-nose survey loaded with made up stats, could be seen as an attempt to skew the results in a particular direction.
  15. and since it also showed that 70% of total shots was from the rear they have a frigging large problem with their cameras... we could all put on front number plates and they'd still fail to get 40% of the pics.

    I wonder if this is because the cost benefit analysis for getting the cameras said they'd make more money (typical optimistic figures like they use for toll roads) and now they're looking for ANY excuse as to why they didn't
  16. correct... and in the survey it says something like "60% of bikes can't be identified, do you think they should have frontal identification?" they might not be lying but the combination of their fact and proposed solution make it seem like the whole 60% is frontal... which they f$%^in know it isn't, and they're happy with that cause it serves their purpose.
  17. Forget that found what I was looking for