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[VIC] Vic. Ride to QLD and back, Fri Aug 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 22, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Woodsy

    Ok, now i've added it to the calender it's oficial :)

    This over rides previous discussed dates.

    Leaving Friday 3rd August for aproximatly 2 weeks.

    Route & stopovers (open to change)
    Vic to Qld Via the coast.
    Going up
    Drouin Leaving before...

    ... more

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  2. I'm stealing the first 2 posts for the ride information :grin:

    Here's the original thread.

    QLD end of the trip

    The victims so far (PM me if i've missed you)
    Loz Blodders (uni depending)

    Route & stopovers.
    Vic to Qld Via the coast.
    Hornet 600
    Sydney Mickyb V9, Etc
    Nabiac National Motorcycle Museum
    Coffs Harbour VTRBob
    Murwillumbah MVRog mate with all the wine
    Brisbane BM and Brissy crew

    Blue mountains SusyQ
    Mulwalla The Charmeds

    Day 1 Drouin to Lakes 234k Staying at Loz's holiday house

    Day 2 Lakes to Batemans Bay 478k Any ideas for acomodation apreciated

    Day 3 batemans Bay to Woolongong 254k Stay at Hornet 600's. Confirmed. 3.

    Then catch up with as many Sydney crew as possible
  3. Day 4 need ideas

    Day 5 Nabiac to Coffs 251k. Stay at VTR Bob's if he dosent change his mind :p

    Day 6. rest day and day of riding local roads.

    Day 7 Coffs to Murwillumbah 283k. stay with Rogs mate and the Brissy crew meet us here. ward_4E and bay be Kezza 01 meeting us here.
    From here it's up in the air, all i know is i want to do a lap of Mt Panorama on the way back.

    Day 8 - Friday Murwillumbah to Brissy 133K + twisty detours. ward_4e smuggling us across the boarder.

    at last it's official......

    lookin forward to it like you wouldn't believe
  5. What, having half a dozen stinky knackered Mexicans lobbing on your dorstep? You should come down and ride up with us, that'd be something to get fired up about!
  6. Yay, an intinery!
    Just found this thread (thanks Kezza :oops: )

    8 weeks to go! :grin:
  7. you know, if i had the leave time available - i'd be seriously thinkin about it - then i could knock off at least one more of my year's ride goals.....
  8. the next two months will fly by.
  9. 8 Weeks :shock: :?

    Best start thinking about some planing me thinks
  10. yep Woodsy. Got some ideas. Will call this week
  11. boy, and they say queenslanders are slow???? we've been planning for weeks already....

  12. woodsy, whats the go with accomodation on this ride.....as the boss HAS TOLD you are now required to take some time off (and he followed that up with thats not a suggestion but a statement) So gotta use up a bit of time and what better way then a road trip... check the calender and just trying to figure out finances and whether i can afford it :? (ie where are you planning on staying each night?) yeah i can work out my own fuel costs and food etc... but it's just mostly accom. i want ot sort out....

    So you better through me on the maybe list :)

    cheers stewy
  13. Stewy, not sure about where you guys are staying for the trip up, but we have plenty of offers of accomodation at the Queensland NR's places while you are here. :)
  14. As BM ha s said aparently the Qld folk have found somenice rat infested dungeons for us.
    VTR Bob recons he can put up with us as does Paul in Wooly, and MVrog has a mate near NSW/Qld border i think.
    am working on a few others 'free' nights along the way.

    The nights we have to fork out $$$ for i'm happy to stay in onsite vans or cabins whatevers cheap.
  15. thanks for that info.... will keep an eye on this thread and make a decision in the weeks leading upto it, but i think provided nothing major comes up between now and then (touch wood) i should be there :)

    actually might wait to make that decision until after the eden trip to see if i can put up with you lot..... :LOL: :p
  16. C'mon stewy, maybe we won't be able to deal with you. Try to be kind.
  17. On the way back from there...watch out for speed cameras and road works along M1
  18. well, some of the qld netrider social committee have got together and are considering the following:

    assumption is that you will be arriving in brissie sometime on the friday and departing again on the monday.


    • friday = arrive
      friday night = meet with some of the crowd at milton coffee club
      friday night (later) = dinner / get together and organise accommodation
      saturday = go-karting challenge
      saturday night = sideshow alley at the ekka (close to the valley for those who'd prefer that)
      sunday = ride - potentially taking in mt glorius, mt mee....will suggest making this one of "muttly's meandering meets" so that you can meet more of the brissie crew
      sunday night = bbq dinner
      monday = leave

    now of course there were a number of other activities suggested on the qld planning thread

    which we are happy to consider adding to the itinerary if we can.

    and it depends on whether you are staying for a weekend or longer.....

    so, watcha think?

    and at this stage i'm counting a possible 9?
  19. Kez we are in your hands ( i WISH. lol).
    seriously we will go with whatever you guys organise. u have no idea how much i (we) apreciate the efort already.
    as they song says 'boys just wana have Fun' :grin: :woot: :beer: :blah: :beer: :bannanabutt:
  20. We have tried to organise it so that we can fit a bit of everything in for you.
    *Friday night Coffee Club is our weekly bikers coffee meet.
    *Then we thought back to my place for food, drinks, a chat and to arrange who goes where for accomodation.
    *Saturday go-karting will be a blast.
    *Saturday night ekka (Royal Brisbane Show) I am hoping someone will win me a big fluffy toy :grin:
    *Sunday we are going to try and see if our Brisbane monthly ride co-ordinator will kindly organise the ride for that Sunday so that you can meet our fantastic group of friends and see a little more of SE QLD.
    *Sunday night maybe a BBQ at Kezza's to give you a little chance to unwind before you head back.