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[VIC]Very informal Pillioning skills mentoring - maybe...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I'm grounded from riding for the time being so not wanting to lose touch with my riding community, I was thinking of doing some one-on-one "how to take a pillion" ride skills mentoring. It is totally informal, it will be one mate helping out another and it will be at rider pace.

    Er, that's me in front. :LOL: There's a lovely story ehind that pic, oh and thanks to Bangr for the pic!!

    That's a very small hill start into a 90degree left hander peeps... without any wobbles and executed only after an hour of coaching one morning... I can't take the credit though, the rider was an exceptional student... NOTE!! Individual results may vary Thanks to Phanoongy for the pics.

    The location would have to be near my place in Melbourne's West. If you have a small Shark helmet head (i.e. fit into my pillion helmet) or you have a blueant interphone, then we can even be in helmet to helmet communications which should smoothen the process. I think a couple of hours on a lazy sunday arvo would do it.

    I don't expect any payment. Just a thankyou and possibly a cuppa in Williamstown, which I think should be the graduating pillioning ride destination.

    So how much interest is there??

    Do any experienced rider wish to impart some tips in this thread?

    Ok, some serious stuff:

    • * With gear on I'll be near 100kg. Any modernish 250 (or larger bike if you're fully licenced) will be able to cope no problems with that.
      * I expect the bike to be fully road worthy, rego paid and you to be appropriately licensed (I will check all these things if I don't know you and/or the bike personally).
      * Basic level skills must be grounded and locked in for good pillioning, especially slow speed skills, so some of our time might be spent trawling around with me not even on the bike, polishing up some slow speed handling.
      * I expect I'll cover how dymanics change, basic riding skills, what to expect from good and bad pillions, what to say before you take a new pillion on... other stuff as it comes up.
      * I'm putting my life more in your hands than yours are in mine, so you can expect me to take care and not blow over this very important and often overlooked riding skill.

    So who's interested? Just want an idea at this stage...
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  3. Me please. Still a pillioning virgin. Must say Rob, this is an extremely generous thing you're doing here I reckon. You're a braver man than me. I make a pretty keen cuppa.
  4. Rob, thats a GREAT idea!
    Well done for offering your services like that.
  5. Donna, you're already on the list. :)
  6. I know, but that was that list and this is a different list. I wanna be on every list and not miss out!
  7. Rob gimme a cuppla weeks, i'm up for this and thanks for putting yourself out there. Put me on the list ... underneath Donksi.... :p
  8. Hmmm I need some mentoring on taking pillions.
  9. Hehe! Morning or afternoon, Rob? :LOL:

    Seriously, I'd like to take up your fantastic generous offer,
    but not yet allowed ... 11 Provisional months or so still to go :roll:
  10. dude seriously, if you need a lift somewhere you just have to ask!
  11. You saw straight through Rob's request eh?!

    Rob, definitely happy to take you for a ride out to Atherton, down through Kuranda and up to Port Douglas. You might want to wait a couple of months (the end of the cyclone season would be a good idea). Book the flights (they're cheap you know) and we can go anytime :)
  12. LOL, I love you guys :LOL:

    I'd love to come up to come up to QLD CJ, I had a brilliant 5 days in Port Douglas about 12 years ago... always wanted to go back... I'd happily be your biatch if you'd let me.

    Sharkuss, no worries man, you're on. You're actually under Donna and Holly... now isn't that a nice place to be? :grin:

    Ell, well... with your working hours, looks like we're snookered even for some slow speed carpark work.... by the way, I will still be offering this service when you're ready... :( ...the little sad face is not related to you darlin.

    :LOL: at J'O... no you don't!

    Thanks Es. You're now on the other list.. .hehehe. :)

    Seriously, this is a genuine offer, I won't be joining in on rides, but I can be doing something motorbiking on some sundays... this is my cunning plan and I get to feel good at helping some folks out. :) Win Win.
  13. Rob, put me on your list. I have pillioned Liz a few times, once on a fairly lenthy ride, but always up for getting good advice.

    My main concern is slowing down. With a pillion, the bike seems to develop a slow speed wobble just before stopping. Not sure if it is the bike or my technique.
  14. do you use mostly your front brake or rear when almost at a standstill? using mostly rear will give you a smoother stop.
  15. I can atest that Roberto is a great pillion. Loz with Rob on the back didn't seem to be slowed one bit on todays Thorpdale run.
  16. Bloody goo idea mate...anyone wanting to get the feel of what it's like to have someone on the back, having the opportunity to get that with an experienced rider back there is GOLD!

    I'd highly recommend it this to anyone needing it...

    Well done Rob. (man hug for you, dude!) :) :LOL:


  17. ... 8-[

  18. Wow, not many takers... I'm a bit surprised actually.

    I've been doing some research on this topic and a common theme is that a rider's first introduction to pillioning should be with an experienced rider on the back.

    Thanks for the props Raven :)
  19. If Rob's your first ever pillion, I'll guarantee you're getting the easiest possible introduction - just be careful that you don't get the idea that ALL passengers are that good.

    The poor bugger rode with me on Sunday's spud run, and despite being a big fella, he interfered so little with the bike at low speeds that I was doing feet-up u-turns with no worries. It takes a bloody good thinking rider to be such a smart passenger.

    In the twisties, I ride to a certain level of comfort whether or not I've got a pillion on the back. The pillion can have a big effect on where that level of comfort is at. With Rob on board, it's hard to tell, but there were sections where I don't think I went any slower than I would without him. I even got a peg down at one point.

    He's secure under throttle, he's off your back under brakes, he sets up for the corner then gets out of the way while you turn in. When I was getting right on it, he even made the odd subtle corrective measure by leaning off a bit more to help tighten up a curve. Normally, weight shifts in a corner are something you don't want from a pillion - but Rob's a thinking rider and can be well and truly trusted.

    He's also very tolerant, as exemplified by some of the speeds we attained, and the fact that he didn't so much as punch me for pulling unnecessary wheelies down the freeway.

    So yes, I think Rob might be the best passenger I've ever had on the back of the Minja, he shined under some pretty scary conditions at high speed and was absolutely invisible at low speed. That takes skill.

    Two thumbs up, and once he recovers I'd be happy to take him out again. :p
  20. He is still rocking in the foetal position recalling some of your shenanigans Lozster. :LOL: :LOL:

    If anyone wants the polar opposite of Rob, I would be happy to volunteer to fidget around, lean the opposite way you are turning and crush your nuts while you brake while complaining about your cornering lines. :wink: