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[VIC] VCAT - What is it, can it help me?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetramp64, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Following on from MG's usefull thread (now a sticky) I thought the following may help too....

    VCAT was created on 1 July 1998 and amalgamated 15 boards and tribunals to offer a one stop shop dealing with a range of disputes, providing Victorians with access to a civil justice system which is modern, accessible, efficient and cost effective.

    VCAT deals with disputes about:
    purchase and supply of goods
    domestic building works
    guardianship and administration
    disability services
    legal profession services
    owners corporations (body corporate)
    residential tenancies
    retail tenancies.

    This link takes you to the appropriate page.


    In most cases no. Lawyers are actually not allowed to be present in most "small" mattters. The onus is on helping yourself.
    In large business v business matters or large commercial disputes lawyers are allowed.
    The cases are in most cases heard "in chambers" and are a mediation.
  2. VCAT is an enigma. They can hear an two almost identical matters and with the same kind of evidence and have a different determination.

    Not really much different to the Magistrates court??? :wink:
  3. True neither are "precedent bound" (must conform with previous decisions) unlike the higher courts. They (unlike traffic cams for example) still have some leeway.. :p
    But in some ways this is a good thing. Each set of facts is dealt with in a new way. The disadvantage (especially from a lawyers perspective) is that you can't guess which way they will jump... :grin:
  4. Just noticed this sticky :wink:

    Cheers for that TT.

    Useful mob. Well they have been for me anyway.

    No lawyers so thats what I liked about it & its costs peanuts to
    have your case heard. Just posted about one case I took to VCAT.