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[VIC] Vanilla Ride to Woodend - Learners Ride, Sat Jun 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Brownyy

    This is a Ride to Woodend which is Learner Focused with mentoring encouraged.

    Saturday 27th June.
    Meet: 8am Westgate Shell INBOUND
    Leave: 8:45am
    Arrive Home: 5pm-ish

    This ride is Class 2 focused and all learners are encouraged to att...

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  2. :woot:
    If I can organise a babysitter for my gorgeous rugrats ...
    or mayb someone would wanna pillion my energetic bundle of 7yr old MALE joy :roll:

    I'll be there :p

    Hopefully a bit more up to speed/confident then I was on Sunday :wink:

    still a :newb:

    And Rider Chris , I'll enjoy ur company as TEC , juz like I did with Brownyy :grin:
  3. Vanilla Ride to Woodend - Learner Ride, Sat 27th June.

    Hey all;

    After seeing the limited skills of a few of the learners on the chocolate ride and observing that their isn't enough learner day rides I'm putting this one together. Why Vanilla? Woodend Bakery is known for it's Vanilla slice;

    Three pronged fork? That is so foreign!

    and Woodend is my home area so I sure as hell won't have a problem leading it. The goal of the ride will be to ride to Woodend, have Vanilla Slice, eat lunch, get fuel then ride back to melbourne, finishing at the Diner.


    When: Saturday 27th June
    Far: Approximately 220km (updated) for the day total - TBC.
    Type: Class 2 Ride, Learner Mentored Ride
    Meet: Westgate Freeway Shell Servo INBOUND 8am
    Leave: 8:45am
    Return: Hopefully 5pm-ish, subject to all sorts of crazy crap happening on the day.
    Lead: Myself, Red/Silver/Black ZZR250
    TEC: rider chris, Red/White R6

    The Route there and Route back were just linked for you.

    Mentors / Mentoree's

    As this ride aims to be a Class 2 ride I wish to set up prior to the ride a 1-on-1 mentor system with each learner willing and an experienced bald or grey haired rider. For those that are foreign to rider mentoring, hail it in its mighty goodness, mentoring isn't just for learners, I know plenty of "big bike riders" that actively seek mentoring from more experienced riders regardless of time in the saddle. It's the best way to learn quickly I believe. To get this going, can each learner rider wanting mentoring please post this so I can add you to the below list;

    Mentor List; Please Add me as a Learner Rider

    And likewise for mentor's themselves;

    Mentor List; I'm happy to Mentor a Learner Rider username-whoever-etc

    The ride will have a good mix bag of roads, highway (tulla freeway), thin sealed roads with mild twisties (wildwood), mild-moderate steep twisties (mt macedon), open roads with soft sweepers (woodend / romsey / lancefield area), while these sound scary, they are infact very simple and nothing more tricky then the chocolate ride. The ride is planned in June, so chances are it will be wet, this will be taken into consideration with travel times. Woodend does get cold, so layers are a must.

    For now that's all I can think to mention, so as the thread grows I'll add the names slowly to the list.


    Mentor List

    I'm Simon

    Mentoree's / Learners
    Simon Lockington (if can attend)
    Burninator (if can attend)
  4. This sounds great, I'm in the category of non-learner rider looking for mentoring, so please count me in.

  5. Hopefully i will do as good a job of TEC as you did...

    can't wait. any excuse to get on the bike :grin:
  6. im pretty sure i can do this, have a 21st that evening or something :)

    happy to help anyone that needs it. Simon, what are you looking to work on during the ride? if i can im happy to help you, being a non-learner should allow for a more fun pace :twisted:
  7. Super sweet.

    I'll see you guys there. :]

    Also I put my hand up to help out... although I do want to do some shenanigans... so maybe reserve mentor for me? :p

    Or even if you need backup TEC or whatever. :]
  8. This sounds like a fun run... I think I'm down for it!

    I'm noway near ready to Mentor, and I wouldn't waste a (possibly limited?) mentor on myself unless no other more inexperienced people pipe up.
  9. This sounds great, that means by the end of the ride i should have that cornering thing i do wide out looks like i try to get my BMX back in to go around the bend ON THE ROAD STILL under control :LOL: that scared the Begebas out of myself :oops: but it keep's me thinner :shock:

    I was given some tips Sunday on the way to Daylesford :wink: They helped

    So i will confirm, but can't see a problem if i wash the cars n paint the bathroom ceiling suk suk :LOL: I love these rides that take me out of teh comfort zones :driver: :driver: :driver:

    You boys are gunna get yourself a reputation on here you know! :roll:

    Thanks for the EFFORT!
  10. I could be tagging along if I have the new bike by then :grin:
  11. Maybe I'll make it to this one!! I'm still up in Sydney but hopefully be back by June 27th. Having major withdrawal symptoms from not riding. It's been 5 days!! And by the way, where are all the bikes up here????? Not nearly as many on the roads as in Melbourne. Good on you guys for organising another ride so quickly
  12. did this exact route two weeks ago. great ride, would do it again.

    I would say that the Daylesford ride probably had more challenging sections for a learner than this route which I think I have done.

    Love to have a mentor but I think I will be unable to go. Oh yeah, and the Vanilla slice is worth the trip guys, don't miss out! :grin:
  13. I will definately be going if nothing else comes up. Looking forward to it.
    I was in Sydney recently and also noticed not as many bikes on the road.
  14. Im keen to come on this ride - missed out on chocolate factory.

    Im Learner, but id say more of an advanced learner - Been riding on my L's since last October, just havnt got round to doing my license test. So ill let others put their hands up for getting a mentor first who might need/want it more.

    But if there is someone who is interested in mentoring to a learner/intermediate level, some tips are always welcome.

    Looking forward to a good ride.
  15. This sounds like a good idea.

    I'm assuming, with the popularity and numbers from the Chocolate run, there could be some spillover of riders. Will it be possible to have a second group who are just happy to ride on their "own" but within the confines of this ride classification. This group could be behind the mentoring pack as to avoid putting unneccessary pressure on the learners + tutors.

    Just an idea.
  16. Count me in at this point, Daylesford run 2 years in a row, would like to do this in the wet. Need to sharpen up on skills.
    Good idea to maybe have 2 groups or breakaways and just do a regroup for all ??
  17. Since I'm a Mentor and I could'nt make the Choc-run this year due to illness (grrr), feel free to put me down on the list of mentors for this ride. I should be somewhat improved by the time this trip roles around.

    I'm happy to pair up with one or two of the fresher riders, or just float throughout the day for anyone that wants to talk about things or get some assistance - I'll leave it up to whatever suits you as Leader, Brownyy.

  18. Mentor List; Please Add me as a Learner Rider

    I'm on L's & have had my green Ninja 250R since 9th May '09 and done ~450kms so far, rode a lot as a kid 25 years ago mostly offroad, rediscovering riding and loving it. Feeling fairly confident except taking corners at most speeds, still learning how to lean over and probably a bit "concerned" doing 100kmh on freeways.

    Really looking forward to a decent out of town ride :D

  19. I should be right for this one, I am happy to help out a learner if needed.
  20. Ooooh a snot block pilgrimage! Viva le snot block!

    I dunno if I'm gonna be in town for this, but if I am, it sounds like a nice day out. And I'm happy to mentor Raven if he needs some tips. Right glove first buddy. :grin:
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