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[VIC] Valentine's Day GOR Ride, Sat Feb 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jamie-lee Monro

    Hi all,

    With the weather predicted to be a beautiful 27 degrees, I've decided to head a ride to the Great Ocean Road.

    Meet: Todd St Servo (west bound just before the West Gate Bridge)
    Time: 8am for 8:30am departure (DONT BE LATE!)

    Look forwar...

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  2. Hey all,

    If you plan on attending this ride, let me know so I can have an idea of numbers...

    Jamie :)
  3. I posted on the other Saturday ride, but what time and where will you be heading through Geelong?
  4. Providing we leave on time, I would say around the 9:30ish mark...
    Heading stright from Melb to Torquay and that will be our first pit stop, refuel etc...
  5. I spoke to cam last night and i'll be there with maybe 1 or 2 taging along.
  6. There's better ways of getting to the GOR than Torquay if you're interested :)
  7. I'm down there in the cage this weekend, will give ya'll a wave/toot if going past (look out for the red honda euro) :LOL:
  8. I is in gorgeous, but then you know that already! lol
  9. Hey Jamie,

    How far up the GOR are you going? Seany and I would love to meet you guys somewhere :)
  10. If you're going right through to Warrnambool I know a bike friendly house with a beer fridge we can use. We'd meet ya's somewhere and ride in with you. Maybe from Laver's hill or Apollo Bay would be good. :)
  11. I'm a possible starter.

    Forget Torquay, go to Winchelsea and head to Lorne via Deans Marsh, you will be sporting a bigger grin :grin:
  12. Yeah Jamie, I'm in. I don't have anything better to do. It's not like I have to have a long, leisurely, lie-in and eat breakfast served to me in bed - sigh.
  13. How romantic that I won't be with my wife, and will be spending money on fuel instead of overpriced weeds.
  14. Count Me In Jamie.This will be my last ride on the bike for a couple of months. :grin:
    With all of the fires and road closures north and east of melbourne the Great Ocean Road is probably the best choice for riding this weekend. :cool:
  15. Vic- was talking to Jamie about that route tonight.

    So looks like that could be the go.
  16. +1 Torquay to Moggs Ck is boring as batshit. The other way's heaps funner. :)

    You could have your fuel stop at the Waurn Ponds BP station and meet the Geelong riders there. :)
  17. If you meet up in Geelong itself, I can show you a way better than those routes proposed. Up to you.
  18. It's very tempting but it would mean a pretty early start. I might save it for another time. :)

    :-k Unless you'd like to post a google map so I know it for my next trip to Melbourne??? [-o< :)
  19. He he he he. It was actually a comment intended for the rest of the ride group. Not you personally Seany. Due to myself being the technological computer retard that I am and f#cking it up. Sorry to dissapoint you there bloke, but I am a married man and all that. Ha ha ha ha.
    And whilst we're talking about the technologically challenged, I have no idea how to post up those Google maps. Any idea where to look for some sort of google map posting guide for idiots?
  20. Ok so the go is: head straight down to Geelong the boring way...
    From G town, heading the back fun way directly to Lorne..

    Seany, if you can send me a reminder msg first thing sat morning so I can give you an estimate time and a more accurate route of where we're heading so you and lil Shelly can join in on the shenanigans :p

    See you all sat..

    BTW, have I mentioned how freaking excited I am to be picking up my new baby tomorrow?!?!?!?! WOOHOOOOOOOO