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[VIC] - Using a long empty car park to skip stopped traffic?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by AdamR33, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    On my morning commute I get to a section on Marine Parade where further ahead the lanes go from 3 down to 2, and there is a traffic light intersection beyond it usually resulting in a log jam that seems to reach back a km down the road.

    Anyway, along the road there is a car park that has an enterance at one end, and an exit at the other just before the road goes into 2 lanes. I have seen a bike or 2 use the car park to skip the stopped traffic and have started doing it myself.

    So my question, Is this illegal? I have heard that driving through a servo so you dont have to wait for the lights to turn left is illegal and wondered if this is similar (or whether that is BS itself).

    The link below shows the car park in question.

    Google Map

  2. Using a servo to cut a corner is illegal. My brother was pinged for last year. He tried to use the excuse that he was going to get fuel but changed his mind as he remembered he had no money. Cop didn't buy the excuse.

    To the best of my knowledge using a car park to short cut is not illegal so long as it is done safely and any posted speed limits within the car park are observed. It is like using a service road to do the same. It is frowned upon but not illegal.
  3. Wow this service station thing is a real law? Can anyone point out to a reference in the laws gazette or something like that please so we can read it and find out what areas (servos/carparks/etc) that it applies to?
    Or has Hubie et al got an answer for us...
    [edit] I'm asking the police (Hubie) now on the Ask Police thing, go there for the answer.
  4. Yeah, I wanna know, too. I've gone into a corner servo a coupla times, noticed that they didn't have premium, shot out the other side, and thought, "oh well, at least it saved me a few seconds".
  5. Sounds suss to me. I can see the owner of the land (the servo company) having a problem with it but that would be a land access/use/trespass issue rather than something covered by road/traffic laws. What would be the offence provided you left and rejoined the road properly (indicators, giving way etc.) and exercised appropriate caution through the servo. Of course, a lot of the folk I see doing this don't do either :grin: .

    I'd be curious as to the exact wording of any TIN issued for this, and the precise laws cited.

    Regardless of legality though, I can see it drawing unwelcome attention and reducing your chances of receiving mercy for other transgressions.
  6. Re: [VIC] - Using a long empty car park to skip stopped traf

    whats quicker....?
    the traffic crawling along
    the 8kmh speed limit in the carpark? :p
  7. re the petrol station thing, I'm almost positive it is allowed (in NSW at least). I don't remember exactly the rule, so forgive me, and maybe this has been chnaged but I remember looking into this years ago and I remember that it ws certainly allowed.

    maybe someone knows for sure?
  8. Re: [VIC] - Using a long empty car park to skip stopped traf

    There's a speed limit in carparks? :wink:
  9. There is an offence of listed on the RTA website which I'm guessing is for exactly this situation:

    $185 fine and 2 demerit points. Also mentions it's rule 43(1) of the Australian Road Rules so would be an offence in other states too.
  10. Looks like Rule 43 just says you have to make the turns in
    and out of the area in the proper fashion. Does not appear to
    say whether "shortcut-ing" is illegal...

    Division 5 Turns into or from road-related areas or
    adjacent land
    43 Starting and making turns
    (1) A driver turning left from a road into a road-related area or
    adjacent land, or from a road-related area into a road, must
    comply with Division 1 as if the driver were turning left at an
    (2) A driver turning right from a road into a road-related area or
    adjacent land, or from a road-related area into a road, must
    comply with Division 2 as if the driver were turning right at an

  11. From experience I know that using a servo as a corner shortcut is illegal in QLD. There is a large intersection in Mt Gravatt, Mains rd and Kessels rd, that has a mobil on the corner. The police used to sit there some mornings pulling people over for using it as a cut through. If you were to stop even for a second at the bowser and then state that the price was too expensive then you may get away with it. As for your carpark issue, I would think that as long as you (and other riders) were not doing insane speeds but riding sensibly then you shouldn't have any real problems. Don't come crying to me if you do though.
  12. 2 words would suffice........

    Prove it!!

    take tht one to court and have the judge ask the officer can he prove without doubt that was your intention???
    Entertainment!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I've been known to utilise a service road to dodge a queue of traffic at a certain set of lights to allow me to make a left turn in the slip lane at said lights.

    I'm not saying where as it's my little secret. :p
  14. Legal, Illegal - I just put it in the category of "things I wouldn't do in front of a marked Police car" (as for other times..... :-w ).
  15. I've just answered this in the ask police section. If you comply with all the road rules, ie leaving and entering the road in a correct manner, I cannot see an offence. You may wind up annoying quite a few people and drawing unwated attention to yourself though.

    In relation to service lanes, we're getting more and more complaints from residents and businesses on these roads about road users 'jumping the queue' which is not an offence unless you break another rule. Obviously these people are in a hurry so they speed over the 50k limit (or otherwise signed) and are getting done that way.
  16. :WStupid:

    I was goingg to answer something similar.
    See we do agree occasionally.... :p
  17. I'm getting scared Tramp, we're starting to agree alot lately. Who's going nuts, you or me ?? :LOL:
  18. let all agree and say both of you :p

    not that i have a legal background, but ive read a fair bloody shair of the Road Rules, its just handy to know for certainty on as many things as possible.

    i have never heard of this servo corner cutting being illegal. sounds like some cages got jealous n made it up. ive done it a few times, as well as the slip lane trick.

    as long as you indicate correctly, and stay within the speed limits for the area your driving/riding on, then i cant see any law being broken.

    the only thing i do see is jealous drivers :p :grin:
  19. Correct weight Nibor!
  20. Hubie, what is the speed limit through a servo or for that matter any public access private property that is not sign posted? Serious question, not trying to be smart.