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[VIC] Unmarked police bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by funky, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Went for a ride to day to Eildon via Chum Creek/Healesville/Black Spur and back the same way, and had a ball, as it was a great day for a ride. On the way back through the Black Spur, I caught up to a blue BMW K series motorbike, and something struck me as odd. It had 2 aerials hanging off the back of it, and on closer inspection, I saw a radar on the dash. I never saw it from the front, but looks like a K1300GT with panniers and a top box, with the rider wearing a multi colour jacket (looked like textile) and a silver helmet. It also has LED type flashing lights underneath the number plate, which look white when not lit up. Approaching Healesville he put the lights on to round up a car, finally confirming my thoughts. Looks like a middle aged gent out for a quiet ride... Other than that, I hardly saw any police today, although I took it fairly easy anyway.

  2. Re: Unmarked police bike


    Probably the same one I saw lecturing a bunch of riders just outside of Kinglake.

    Might even be friends with the guy on the fully marked bike in Marysville who was sitting by himself drinking a Big M and talking with a bunch of old dears about how hot he was in his full safety gear, while the rest of us lounged about in our kevlar jeans and summer jackets.


  3. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Oh yeah...like this cop at Kinglake last week. He took all of our license and registration details and write them all down, despite the fact that we were simply stopped by the side of the road doing nothing wrong.

    He did it for....um...you know.....for our own safety...:-s

    We took it very seriously.

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    Where you sitting on the bikes, or standing around next to them?
  5. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Did they give a reason?

    Do they have to give a reason?
  6. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Some were sitting on them, some were off them. We were getting ready to head off.

    The reason he gave was that it was a safety blitz for our own safety. :blah: And it certainly made everyone a lot safer having our details recorded [​IMG]
  7. Re: Unmarked police bike

    How much of you guys' time did the idiot waste?
  8. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Hmm. My understanding is that they can ask for your name and address at any time if they give a reason, but I don't think they could have made you provide your licence details if your bike was parked. That said, there isn't usually anything to gain by making an arse of yourself - and a lot to lose if there is something a little less than roadworthy about your bike.
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    How much of you guys' time did the idiot waste?

    more importantly, how much of his time were you able to use and how many other riders went past unimpeded :-s
  10. Re: Unmarked police bike

    They can ask for name address, licence.
    Your best bet is to just answer politely
  11. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Or plead the fifth...
  12. Re: Unmarked police bike

    ...you mean like they do in America? which is also spelt with an A.
  13. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Was that *all* he did
    i.e. didn't talk to you about riding, hand out pamphlet etc?

    The impression I got from the Vic Pol rep at the forum tonight is that current emphasis is less on writing tickets than opening dialog, licence/rego checks being one way to start this (as well as .... checking licence/rego)
    Possibly, they have made one of their KPIs "riders pulled over for licence/rego checks" ..... (which is better than "tickets written" I have to admit ....)
  14. Re: Unmarked police bike

    And then get charged.

    (If it was the U.S. substitute SHOT)...

    Maybe I wasn't clear. They CAN legally ask for name, licence, address etc if you are in charge of a motor vehicle.
    You MUST answer.

    Clear now?

    I reiterate. Be polite, keep smiling don't give them aggro.
    95% of bike cops are ok if you keep it nice.
  15. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Yes, they can. Can they say "this is for your safety?" That sounds like nothing better than a pointless lie to me - if that is how it actually happened.

  16. Re: Unmarked police bike

    As in 'Que? No speakee inglis!' Then jump around like Manuel did in Fawlty Towers.
  17. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Recently got confirmation that new Vicpol Key Performance Indicators are "x number of licence/rego checks on bikes" in order to open dialogue rather than just fining us.
    So apparently them's the orders
    (sounds good to me)
  18. Re: Unmarked police bike

    So he was an idiot for doing his job ?

    Yeah sure in this case, he took up what ? 10mins out of these guys riding time. It's not like he pulled them over since they where already stopped.
    Which I'm sure they made up the time lost later in the day :angel: :-w :demon:

    But lets say the next group he found an unlicensed / suspended / blatantly unroadworthy bike ? Would he still be an idiot then ?

    Personally I have no problem being pulled up for a Lic and or rego check.
  19. Re: Unmarked police bike

    When I've travelled 20,000+ kms a year in the car and never get pulled over for a licence / rego check, and yet I can get pulled over sometimes twice in a week for the licence/rego check BS on the bike.

    how is that fair, equitable and non discriminatory.

    ( and then on top of that, have to put up with (smile nicely/say nothing) their condesending "lecture"......as if they are some world authority, having just bludged their way thru a piddling BS hart course )

    Not saying they don't have a job to do, but surely they would better serve the community by actually policing some of the more useless cager behaviour that is constantly on display.
  20. Re: Unmarked police bike

    Oh where do I start?

    1. In my job I spend a lot of time advising people to shut up when questioned.
    In this case they cannot.

    2. I agree that you are more likely to be pulled over on a bike.
    So what? If it's a legit stop I couldn't care less. As OP's have said, if they pull a few "unriders" or unroadworthy bikes off the road, more power to them.

    3. IF the interecept is by a police car and IF he started the "lecture" I'd hear him out and then just toddle off. IF he gave me a face ful of agro, I'd politely tell him to lose the aforementioned attitude and then toddle off.

    4. IF the intercept was by a motorcycle copper, I'd listen a lot harder.
    Why? Because these guys do a bucketload more training than you or I ever will, know a fair bit about bikes, are usually enthusiasts, and (in my experience) usually (not always) have a reasonable attitude.

    Now, if you bothered reading the OP you will see that:
    (i) they were visited by a BIKE copper;
    (ii) He basically just did his job, and on the facts reasonably;
    (iii) there was no "aggro".