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VIC - unmarked bike working springvale road this morning.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mithel, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Green BMW K1200GT with black top box. Police leathers only. Lane splitting was part of target audience.

  2. Bastard $%#%^#*%^#@ was he wearing a white helmet?
  3. Matti-san, Yes.
  4. Thank you.
  5. I had no idea that Police went unmarked on bikes... Maybe (hopefully) this is the case up here in QLD?
    Anyone know if there are unmarked bikes up here at all?
  6. was he nabbing for lane splitting at traffic lights or flowing traffic?
  7. What's the point of nabbing folks that are filtering in a thoughtful way?

    Those folk are doing the traffic situation a favour FFS! That's x many less cars in that traffic flow becase they're on two wheels AND because they aren't taking up a car space...

    Soooorrrrryyy... for some reason I keep applying logic to these situations...
  8. We have unmarked bikes here in SA too. We actually have quite a few. They aren't nice people either. :evil: One gave me a ticket rofl
  9. Logic is one thing, the law is another. The lane-splitting laws may be iffy after 151 was rescinded but that doesn't change the law against "overtaking on the left" which is still in place. If you overtake to the left of a car within the same lane, you are gone for all money. Police don't make the laws, they just enforce them. You might think they are assholes about it but then blokes who rob and thieve for a living probably think cops are too hard on them when you would think they aren't being hard enough. It is all about perspective.
  10. Indeed, it is all about perspective. From my perspective, police should spend more time stopping thieves and serious criminals, rather than focussing so much on misdemeanors. Particularly when the misdemeanors are, as robsalvv said, make the world a better place for all. :p

    Next they'll be nabbing me for flashing my highbeams @ a motorist who forgot to turn his headlights on. :p
  11. You're fighting the white. The Police are just the poor bloody middle men who have to enforce what are sometimes bullshit laws with no resources. The attention should be on the real assholes - the state governments and their ridiculous road safety policies. If the amount of effort spent on bagging Police went into lobbying government instead, we would all be a lot happier.
  12. Wasn't his point about the allocation of those limited resources? Last I heard serious crime was also breaking the law. Perhaps a focus on real crime before concerning yourselves with issues like lane splitting would be better appreciated by the wider community.
  13. I posted this for information, not to complain.

    I have my own opinions on lane filtering, and they don't differ much from those expressed by Robsalvv.

    I understand your point gegvasco, however, the Nuremburg defence was not accepted after the second world war and is still as indefensible now.

    My experience today was in slow moving traffic between lights. I was not fined, but pullled over for a licence check and a talking to.
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  15. Out of interest, on an unmarked bike, how do they pull you over?
  16. Same as they do if the bike is marked - lights and sirens. :) Well they did last time they pulled me over. I'm sure if you looked hard enough you would see where the lights were.
  17. They've got little Red & Blue strobe lights hidden away where they are hard to see until they turn them on.
  18. They are out there!

    Police Launch Covert Motorcycle Operation
    Tuesday February 6, 2007 at 07:34:04 PM by Netrider | Send To Friend

    Mon 5 February 2007

    Dangerous motorcycle rider behaviour is being targeted by an unmarked, high powered touring motorcycle in an effort to curb the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in the Yarra Ranges.

    Police are aware that motorcycling enthusiasts from metropolitan Melbourne as well as regional Victoria regularly use Yarra Ranges roads.

    The operation comes after reports that motorcyclists have been racing each other, leading to serious injury and death.

    Inspector Ian Sutton, Region 4 Traffic Inspector, today urged all motorcyclists to take care on the roads or risk their lives and getting caught.

    “There are stretches of roads throughout the Yarra Ranges which continue to be popular spots for motorcyclists,†Inspector Sutton said.

    “The roads that we will be closely targeting during this operation include Reefton Spur, Maroondah Highway, Black Spur, Melba Highway, Yarra Glenn to Healesville Rd and Wellington Road,†he said.

    “We are targeting these areas with the new covert police motorcycle in a bid to cut the alarmingly high number of accidents in this area every year, some resulting in death.

    “Last year, 150 motorcycle collisions were recorded in the Yarra Ranges and 13 motorcycle fatalities in Region 4.

    “The serious injuries sustained by motorcyclists involved in some of these accidents may require years of rehabilitation, surgery and loss of movement.

    “We are extremely concerned about the reckless behaviour displayed by some motorcyclists using our roads and want to stress that these roads are unforgiving; one small error of judgment could very easily turn to tragedy.â€

    The Road Trauma Reduction Strategy is a project partnership with Victoria Police and BMW Australia, who have kindly donated the motorcycle used in the operation.

    Sara McMillan
    Media Officer
  19. Hehe - so it's a Kawasaki, then? ;)