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[vic] Ultra-reliable daily commuter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by duncan_bayne, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. #1 duncan_bayne, Feb 3, 2013
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    Hi All,

    I'm selling my beloved GS1100G with the intent of buying an ultra-reliable, day-in day-out commuter. My list of requirements is:
    • price $5,000 or thereabouts
    • reliability!
    • comfy
    • capable of sustained motorway riding
    • shaft drive (having owned a shaftie, I never want to go back to chain servicing on a daily ride again)
    • fresh RWC
    I'm getting back into contracting again, and have a nine-month old son. As much fun as the GS (a.k.a. 'Maggie') was, she spent a fair bit of time in the shop having improvements made (air horn, heated grips ...) and glitches ironed out.

    What I'm after is something that just goes, day in, day out, without missing a beat. Doesn't have to be glamorous or fast, or even handle particularly well ... the sort of thing you can commute on every day, and just change the oil once in a while. Cosmetic condition isn't terribly important, either, provided the mechanicals are 100% A-OK.

    Something like a BMW or XJ900 Diversion. That sort of thing. God I'm an old man ... (although the Mito 125 keeps me young :) ).

  2. There is a XJ900 on Gumtree in Northern NSW for $1K if you want a roadtrip with 6 months rego. That is a bargain.
  3. You've already spotted two of the best, if not the only, in that price bracket with a shaft-drive....

    Unfortunately I think it will be slim pickings at 5K
  4. Thanks but - call me a cynic if you like - I doubt a thousand solar bike would prove to be the paragon puff reliability I'm seeking :)
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  6. Yeah, it's looking like a new bike might be the go. Maybe a Guzzi V7 Classic.
  7. Honda Deauville?
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  8. Looks the ticket on paper, but ... it's ... so, so ugly :/
  9. You already have a pretty bike, just stare at that. :)

    Its comng to winter i reakon if you can last a few months you will pick up a bargain on ebay of you can wait, not sure how long the gs will last.

    Oherwise, maybe an old gtr? Seen a couple of 90s ones for low money, you might get a 2000 for a fiver,
  10. if you are deadset on a shaft drive you are really limiting your options

    if commuting i would add a scottoiler and you will have bugger all chain maintenance to do except replace chain and sprockets every few years
  11. A postie will run for ever and ever and ever
  12. I see on the Oz Guzzi site that the 2012 V7 Classic is $12 990 Ride Away.

    There's also a Demo clearance sale and such.

    Some new models/colours are due in March, and the 750 range has had some good changes and improvements.

    If you weigh up the pros and cons of the runout specials vs the new models you might find a clear winner on either side, given your planned usage.

    Few makers manage to manifest the true essence of Motorcycling in well-finished and engineered bikes like Moto Guzzi has been doing in the last few years.

    Even though that might not make or break the deal in an ostensibly number-crunching situation like yours, that the suitability and running costs on their own probably stack up so well without sacrificing function for form, yet while also offering something so much more, speaks volumes for the oft-lauded Moto Guzzi way of doing things.
  13. Ultra reliable daily commuter and guzzi pops up? Who'd have thought.

    The idea of doing sums on a second hand bike vs new is a pretty good one though. Unlike cars, second hand bikes aren't always a bargain.

    Ditch the idea of a shaft and there's loads of options. Hornet could be a goer.
  14. Five or six years ago, probably almost no one...
  15. I'm still not completely convinced about Guzzi's but I'd dearly love to be.
  16. Bandit 1250