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[Vic] Tx NLHE Poker players - represent.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. In the last few years I've been getting into Texas Hold'em poker. I always thought it was pure gambling and reckless... until a friend introduced me to it and I discovered that there's significant skill involved... and numbers and maths. It's nerdvana for engineers and the mathematically abled.

    Now I'm part of a regular poker crew and though we're great mates, the competition over the felt is fierce. We play a tournament structure because we're all action junkies... nothing generates strategic moves like rising blinds.

    Haven't swum with the sharks at Crown yet, but have played pub poker tournaments from time to time and do OK online.

    So who considers themselves a decent poker player and where do you play?

    [Victorians] Who'd be interested in hosting/attending an NR Tx NLHE home game at some stage?
  2. Doesn't look like there are many poker players. Oh well.
  3. Ok since there's a new influx of riders - just wondering whether there are any poker players amongst us?
  4. I don't mind a game with friends or even online but I have never been brave enough to head to crown and put money on the line (excluding small $$ games with mates)
  5. To be honest, I prefer a well structured and serious home game over playing at Crown. Bit more social plus the rake at Crown utterly blows - you effectively are paying to play. I've bumped into some solid players at the lower stakes, but most on the Friday/Saturday "fun" nights are atrocious. It's not that scary or intimidating.

    I have poker mates who took up riding so that they could park for free at Crown and they have well and truly paid off their scoots on their Crown winnings. I'm not in their league lol I'll take them on when it's a friendly social $0.5/$1 or $1/$2 cash home game... but they are more used to $2/$5, $5/$10 and a couple of them often higher.

    I'm wonder whether there are enough interested Victorian/Melbourne NR's poker players to kick off a game at some point??
  6. I'm in :) I used to play in Uni and still enjoy it. Haven't played in what feels like a hundred years, but really enjoy the people aspect.
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  7. I'm game.
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  8. Awesome! we need more!
  9. Count me in. Played pub tournaments a few years back with dreams of being the next Joe Hashem... Got the state final, good fun but fake money makes for reckless play!

    Prefer home games over th cas, more social and great to get in the heads of regular players.
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  10. At this point there's four locals, plus a ballaratian, plus I can round at least one more ex NR who is a bit wild and loose on the table, so shakes things up... still not quite enough....

    Any more for any more?
  11. will there be alkihol ?
  12. Where are we looking at doing this robsalvvrobsalvv ?
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  13. Depends on who is in, but I have a table, cards and chips, and are located in Melbourne's west.

    When I host a home game with my usual poker crew, everyone brings their own poisons of choice plus munchies. I provide glasses, ice, ashtrays, facilities etc., and a big steel toe capped boot out the door if you get smashed and are unruly. :)
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  14. I'll bring biltong.
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  15. looks like im out then
  16. mmmmm back in
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  17. Free loader!
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  18. How far west lol?
  19. Mmmmmmmmy biltong brings Uncle Greg to the yard... and damn right... it's better than yours...

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  20. Hahaha well I might have to break out some of my Italian parent's home made prosciutto in that case. lol
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