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[Vic] Tulla Fwy Widening Works - any motorcycle road safety observations?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. This is a fairly specific thread directed at riders who use the Tulla Fwy.

    Have you made any observations about any road safety concerns while riding on the freeway during the widening works?? Have you had any tangles with the grooves left behind after the line removal works?

    The VMC will be talking with the parties involved about some concerns raised to us by members... thought I'd widen the field of consultation a little.

    Please discuss.

  2. I've only ridden on it the once a few days after they modified it, and didn't have any real issues with the ruts. I was riding pretty conservatively in the left (worst) lane with little issue. MInd you, I avoided the ruts where ever possible as you do.
  3. Not really. I find it offensive that I'm paying a toll for traffic that moves so slowly and is often too narrow to filter through but that safety risk is only to my blood pressure.

    Drivers seem to be fairly careful with lane changes in those narrow lanes.

    It was a little bit sucky the first couple of days after they created all the new lanes while the traffic swept all the debris off the roads but that's not a problem now.

    I would like some enforcement on the drivers who, northbound immediately after the sound tunnel swerve across the solid white lines to get into the left most lane. AFAIK lane changes over solid white lines are not permitted (unless filtering :3:3 ) but that's a problem at all freeway merges/exits (such as the merge after the Hume bypass just before Edgars road on the northern ring road headed east).
  4. Sunday night, VMC's John Eacott and Rob Salvatore helped Transurban and Leighton Constructions conduct a Motorcycle road safety assessment.

    Last month VMC raised some concerns about the deep ruts left from line removal works. Tonight was a chance to take a close look at the remedial road resurfacing that dealt with those concerns and take a close look at some other possible issues.

    Kudos to Transurban and Leightons for taking motorcycle safety issues seriously, constructively and positively.

    (Photo credit - John Eacott)

    image. image.
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  5. Tulla IMG_7368.JPG Tulla IMG_7370.JPG Tulla IMG_7371.JPG
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  6. I Ride it every day, and I hate it now.
    It has gotten so tight to filter and unlike Monash which I have resorted to the emergency lane, due to the BS traffic jams the tunnel guys bring on.
    The grooves have tram track me a few times to the point I am trying to avoid some areas of the works.
    I have to admit though on the way in the evenings bolte to calder tulla split it's takes a lot longer that than it used to be.
    As I live up the calder I am seriously considering not using it any more I don't understand why I am paying for tolls and really not saving any time any more and I am feel I am putting myself endanger due to the way to traffic moves through this section of the road now.
    The other thing we are seeing alot more trucks on this section of the road which I feel contribute to the problem, due to the way take up the lanes there is no more give in riding this section of road any more.

    I do ride a M109r which a large bike and with a heavy clutch and I hate sitting in traffic clutching all the time, my attitude may change when I switch back to an Adventure style bike as that has what our road have become now!

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  7. The fwy is being widened by reducing the width of existing lanes to 3.35m and adding another.

    It will be harder to filter.
  8. I ride it every day. Just stay off them and booya. I still filter, although more care has to be taken.