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[VIC] Tues/Thurs rides - BP BANNED AS A MEET POINT?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by JoeyPav, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. So a few of us were at the Tuesday night learner ride, a cop on a bike strolls up and suggested that we meet somewhere else from now on or, quote "We'll just rock up and start busting you guys handing out EPA's".

    So no more meet up's there on Tuesdays or Thursdays, he said.

    Apparently the cops are getting sick of the residents whinging and want us to find a new location, either Pier Road (just off the Esplanade next to The St.Kilda Sea Baths), Westgate Shell, or anywhere else where nobody can hear us.

    Its really not up to me to decide this so I'm just passing on information.

    Discuss at your own liberty

  2. Sorry, this is Pier Road:

    I'm sure you all no where the Westgate is...

  3. They can book you for being somewhere?

  4. That's not a bad spot anyway, but it's still close to where we were so might not change anything. And we'd all fil up at the BP anyhoo.

    And of course we have to decide whether we're idealogically opposed to moving. Depends who would fail an EPA test I guess.
  5. Rock up with solicitor in tow and the press, Thats a threat, I believe that there are laws about some one threatening you with financial loss or harm. Even the police have to obey our laws, Tho they do think that they dont.
  6. **** off pigs, where doing nothing illegal. Come EPA me pigs, my bike is stock as a rock.

    and they wonder why drunks want to bottle them in the street...
  7. Next ride we should make a huge turnout. It's just bullying.

    That being said, I think people should also not be tools when we take off from the meet point as that doesn't help our cause. Revving engines etc should be kept til the next suburb.
  8. Is there any rule against a motorbiker to go to a BP to use their services?
    So, I ll go there, grab a mars, fill 1L fuel, and just wait for my friends to catch up 'cos I don't know my way around.
    Co-incidence, another 50 odd motorbikers need to use the BP's services at the same time....sue me...lol :p

    This is just dumb.
  9. Of course there's no law against it, and they can't book/fine you for being there. Hence the noise-test threat. That they could ping you for (if you have a loud bike) and if they can't get that you know they'd look for fender eliminators, reflectors removed, worn tyres, yada yada yada.

    The choice is to stand up to it - in which case numbers of bog-stock, original, spotless bikes that they absolutely couldn't pick anything on would be the way to go... or take the path of least resistance and meet somewhere else. In which case could I suggest making it another servo run by another company, and making it clear to the operators of the BP that they are missing out on $XX.xx worth of business because of police harassment. If you're thinking west there's the Todd Rd servo just before the bridge or the Shell just after it, south there's the United on Kings Way just after the Crown underpass...

    I agree it is dumb, but that's what residents do, they complain and somehow the poor cops get involved and have to waste time and resources on stupid stuff. I got booked in the cage doing an illegal left-hand turn in Newtown (the one behind the IGA, Sydney-siders will know the one) - it's the dumbest rule ever, I can't think of a single reason for banning LEFT hand turns. It's a tight corner and narrow streets, and people use it as a shortcut to avoid King St (think Chapel St) sure, but if you want to stop turning surely right would make more sense. Anyways, the copper who pulled me up said they had to be seen to be doing something because residents were complaining. About what exactly I haven't the faintest idea, but it cost me $130 and a demerit point.
  10. im happy with Shell \\:D/
  11. +1

    We just have to take off sedately like we did tonight. Then we're doing nothing illegal. The residents shouldn't live on a busy road then.
  12. take video cameras with sound and post them up on Utube, show the world what they are like.
    It might make them drop off the harrassment
  13. Please excuse the naivety, but what's a EPA?

    "We're doing nothing legal" doesn't really push your point, but all fixed now. =D>
  14. EPA - Envionmental Protection Agency.

    Basically issue with noisy bikes.
  15. 1st quote: EPA is Enviromental protection agency?? If your bike is loud, they give you a notice to go get it tested at EPA. on the street we just call em epa's

    2nd quote: dont be a cheaky bastab haha
  16. The copper there was just giving us a nice verbal warning. if they really wanted to, they could have just rocked up and issued yellow stickers and EPA notices. find a new place to make noise at then after 6 months or so, we go back if you guys really miss it.

    I dont think the freeway is a good meet point, some learners are reluctant to go on the freeway without some warmup or say TEC behind them shielding them from cagers
  17. thaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkks mate... lol

    heated / rapid keyboard stab session... no time for proof reading... haha.
  18. Albert park would be a good meeting point also. Just means you dont get to show off infront of as many people=D>
    About bloody time all the show ponies moved on:p
  19. -1 for the freeway servo's.. I think it's too much chaos merging onto the freeway with 20 learners on bikes.
  20. Fair enough, the Kings Way one's not so bad, and has easy-ish access to the Westgate, Dandenong Rd, Nepean Hwy etc. I don't know what the crowd's like, so probably can't help much beyond that.

    Like people shouldn't move in right behind the Espy, PAs, The Empress, The Evelyn, The Tote, The Corner, The Annandale, The Enmore, The Hopetoun etc and then complain about the noise at night - but the Yuppie farkers do time and again.