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[Vic] Trucks lane restrictions on the Eastern from the 19th

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by LineNoise, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Can't say i've ever found a problem with trucks on the Eastern Fwy, in fact rarely ever see them on there. Where they DO need it is the Monash.
  2. “VicRoads will unveil 46 signs along the 16 kilometre Eastern Freeway, between Springvale Road and Hoddle Street, at midnight on Monday, 18 October, to advise drivers of the restrictions.

    “The new rules apply 24-hours-a-day and truck drivers caught using the restricted lane will be subject to a maximum penalty of up to $358.”

    How do they come up with these arbitrary figures ??? Too much pot/drunk poker nights, methinks !!!!!
  3. They're probably based on penalty and fee units.

    Currently a penalty unit is $119.45 and one fee unit is $11.95, they're tied to inflation I believe.

    $358 = 3 penalty units (round figures)
  4. I expect it will be x (3 in this case) number of penalty units, a penalty unit being $119.45.

    Edit: Yeah, what he said.

    Anything that promotes the "Keep Left" rule will be a good thing I think.
  5. Thanks for detailing the above. Seriously, our lives are run day-to-day by 'rules' ; the ones which these crazy, money-hungry authorities are inventing to, yes, increase revenue raising.

    Not sure if anyone else was watching a certain lady of high status within NRMA on the news last night, outlining how ridiculous speed cameras are, and the incredible (useless) reasons people have lost their licences over. She (I'm sure a move by NRMA for some time) promoted the idea of 'good drivers being rewarded for their safe, responsible driving by reduced insurance premiums and/or lower registration fees...about time !

    I was going to end here..bit couldn't resist : For one penalty unit, how the f*** did they come up with a figure of $119.45, or the one fee unit of $11.95 (LineNoise) ??? :)
    And inflation ??? Are the idiots' jobs, who come up with these silly rules/revenue raising means, tied to inflation also ? (y)
  6. No idea how the figure was initially set. It was probably an arbitrary round figure in the beginning that's turned into something strange through the annual adjustments.

    And too right it's about revenue. There was an article on the Eastlink camera I read today that had the figure in Victoria at $4 million a week or $470 million a year.


    I'd love to know how 4 x 52 = 470 but it is the Hun after all. :p
  7. Well, obviously, the committee for the justification & amendment of fines met, did what all good committees do & after much ado about nothing, pulled a figure out the ether that was neither round, appropriate or relevant to anything.



    I know we're ruled by rules to a stupid degree at times, but the "Keep Left" one is actually one that's based on common sense that no-one seems to bother with.
  8. About 7-8 years ago the Labor State Government decided to index link all Government charges, which include traffic fines. The round figure was then about $90, IIRC: it just shows what inflation does to the cost of riding ](*,)
  9. Interesting, thanks guys. The more we discuss this, the more I learn.
    Thank you, Netrider (y)
  10. Little brother is always getting warned about travelling in the right hand lane. His HD riding mates keep telling him his rocket 3 is a truck..
  11. Mate, that Rocket III IS a truck !
    Saw one idling, during a group ride some time ago, in Neutral (rider went off briefly to chat to his Harley mates) and I honestly thought the mongrel was going to rock itself off its stand...very noticeable left/right movements !
    Amazing torque and muscle-appearance on that 2.5ltr monster !
  12. Likewise, i've never had an issue with trucks on the eastern, Plus I hardly ever find them in the right lane regardless :S
  13. you're talking about government employees there nick, of course their paycheck increases with inflation
  14. They used to set the fines in dollar amounts, but then had to get every piece of legislation changed to up the fines. Now they only have to change one piece of legislation stating the value of a penalty unit..