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[VIC] Trucks banned from fast lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Morbo28, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-ne...om-righthand-freeway-lanes-20100303-ph73.html

    I reckon it'd be better to just enforce the "Keep Left Unless Overtaking" rule that already exists, regardless of whether it's trucks, bikes, cars etc.

  2. True, now people will get the idea as long as they're not a truck they can stay in the right lane.
  3. This is how it is in Germany as I understand it. Stops the futile truck overtaking wars, one truck overtaking another going 2km/h faster than the slower truck - whilst a gillion billion cars lose their minds having to wait 10 years for the truck to finish its overtake.

    Considering the keep left unless overtaking rule is so rarely enforced its hard to imagine that this would be.. but I'd like to see the law spread to nsw.
  4. +1

    It's not just trucks that hog the fast lane. It's also old people, naive P-platers, middle aged do-gooders, etc. etc.
  5. finally catching up with Europe. move in the right direction, but yeah they need to enforce the keep left rule in general.
  6. This law has been inforce in the UK for as long as I can remember - makes a big difference.
    Saying that the majority over there stay in the left lanes and certainly move from the right when a quicker vehicle is approaching - something that is badly lacking here.
  7. Why are trucks being targetted? Most of the trucks on the road in NSW can not only keep up with the fastest of traffic, but run it over and drive away :?
  8. =D>

    About time, shame the City Link tunnels aren't on the list at this time.
  9. The trucking rep suggested that all trucks sitting in the left lane will stop people getting off if they're in the right lanes. With all due respect to this fellow, surely drivers know when they need to get off, so they merge at an appropriate point.

    Further, even if there are a line of trucks "clogging" the left lane they still need to maintain a safety of margin between them, which should allow cars and bikes to merge safely.

    Thing is, if these laws are currently active in the UK and Europe then there's no reason why they cannot work here, is there?
  10. The other line thrown up on 3Aw was "I pay heaps in rego and taxes and now I wont be allowed to use 1/3 of the roads I pay for" also someone threw up the "How much extra wear and tear will there be on the left & centre lane if we are forced to not use the right lane".

    Bloody rocket scientists :rofl:
  11. I'm with you on this one. But there is already a sign in the tunnel saying Trucks keep left, or something like that. (Unless it has been taken down...)

    It is very annoying when the whole tunnel drops to 40 kph because there are trucks in all 3 lanes, chugging their way slowly up the hill.
  12. We don't have a "fast" lane....[-(

    What this should stop is two inconsiderate morons having snail races and blocking traffic!
  13. i reckon there will be a noticeable impact on the left and centre lanes of most roads, as the quality of the road building in victoria is quite bad.

    truck and trailer rego is quite expensive, in comparison to cars and bikes.
  14. Figure of speech. ;)
  15. Trucks keep the country running. I think this is a silly law.
  16. It won't be enforced.
  17. Your probably right.

    Either that or they'll do a big blitz on it and fine trucks who are executing reasonable overtakes, while allowing inconsiderate drivers to remain in the right lane when not overtaking.

    Not being negative, but they never enforce the KLUOvertaking rule.
  18. I rest my case
  19. Totally...you do know I was agreeing with you, right? :grin:
  20. I wish people would understand it's a passing lane, not a "fast" lane. If you're not passing, GET THE **** OUT OF IT.