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[VIC] Trams Recording Motorists actions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stewy, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Not quite sure (because i was at gym when it came on, and they have the sound down). So was hoping someone else might of seen it on the news (think channel 7 news) something about trams are now being set up to record what the traffic is doing around them?

    Anyone see the story and can explain further?

    Cheers stewy :)
  2. About bloody time.
    The number of times i have seen cars fly by trams that have there doors open, or had to dodge a car my self is just nuts.
  3. This is a bit too vague for my liking.

    Imagine you're on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (or similar) in peak hour.

    The tram stops, doors open, lights flash. The passengers enter and exit the tram. The doors then close, lights stop flashing (traffic light is red).

    Will we still be allowed to pull up next to the tram in the left lane and overtake as the light goes green? Technically the tram is still stationary.

    Who will control when/if the motorist is photographed and/or fined?

    If they start booking people in scenarios similar to the above, you can bet your arse that our already clogged roadways are going to choke with congestion.
  4. i would hope it would be automatic....when tram stops.

    i beleive the rules say you have to wait if the tram is stopped...not "if doors are open" yeah it can be annoying but safer all around due to doors opening a 2nd time for slow passengers etc.

    i'd prefer to wait an extra few seconds than hit some old lady getting of a tram that just reopned it's door.
  5. While I applaud the idea of catching and fining dangerous drivers who speed past stopped trams, as with all things with this government there may be an additional agenda here. There has aready been a suggestion that this will soon be extended to another area - the new traffic exclusion zones that operate in areas approaching intersections in peak hour times.
    There are rumours that the trams will also photograph cars and others caught in these zones. Since the zones are practically unworkable and ignored by almost all road users, this should make quite a nice windfall for the interested parties in new fines.
    This should not be a big deal for bikes however, who can easily get out of the way :)
  6. I could be wrong here, but its my understanding that you only have to "stop" for a tram whilst it is in a "tram zone" at a designated tram stop. At this time it (should) have the flashers going and the doors open.
  7. I have never managed to get a satisfactory answer to this one. The last time a had a look at the learners book, it was a bit unclear because it only covered the circumstance approaching a slowing or stopped tram.
    But the Vicroads website (when I checked again recently) clearly said that once you had fully stopped (and the passengers had finished exiting and entering the tram), you could move up level with it at no more than 10kmh, once the tram's little stop-flags have dropped (new trams don't have them).
    nowhere else have I been able to track down this addition, so I wouldn't want to rely on it in court.
    In practice, if the camera is only on the front of the tram (to get the rego
    number) it won't matter anyway.
    The other issue is the increasing incidence of tram drivers deciding to open their doors while still queued up some distance from the actual zone.
  8. I thought I'd do a bit of research on this one (extracted from the Road Rules - Victoria):

  9. hmm, the wording has been slightly changed, but the gist is still there.
    In theory, you can (apparently) drive past the tram at no more than 10kmh? So long as you give way to tram passengers.
    Can't be right. It's too sensible.
  10. So in simple terms if the tram stops at a tram stop then you must stop and let the passengers on & off but if it stops because it's held up by trafic you can pass at 10km/h.

    Having worked with a guy who got hit by a car while alighting a tram and seeing how it destroyed his body and life of not just him but his young family I can only agree with the sentiments of the idea of nailing drivers who don't stop.
  11. And to really protect tram passengers they'll need to put some id on bicycles - especially down Swanston Street. You take your life in your hands getting on and off trams there. My wife was hit by a cyclist who didn't stop and I've had several near misses.

    Mind you I've seen someone deliberately smack a cyclist with his briefcase when the rider came charging through a group of people getting on the tram. :LOL:
  12. I sunk my size 11 safety boot into the door of a car which didn't stop as I was about to get out of a tram a few months ago, the Tram driver loved it and the car didn't stop but would've scored a sizeable dint from it so I think lesson learned there.
  13. This isn't that unusual. Already 52% of a major bus fleet in Melbourne have security cameras that not only cover the inside of the vehicle but also the outside of the vehicle. Other fleets are moving the same way.

    At the moment they face forwards and are primarily used for other purposes, but the ability to use them for enforcement isn't a big stretch.
  14. I hope they will be used to catch the trams that speed and run red lights.
  15. :WStupid:

    I've seen this too often. Thankfully, I haven't been in the way when it occurs.
  16. Yes I have wondered if they ever follow up the red light camera flashes at the corner of elizabeth and La Trobe when trams go through the red.