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[vic] Training recommendations?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Brett, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Hi all - looking for opinions (yes I know I am asking for trouble) on learner course providers in Victoria.
    Close to me are Harts in Kilsyth or Ride-Tec in Sandown.
    I have some basic experience from riding overseas on holidays but figured I would do the full day option anyway.
    Any recommendations?

  2. Hi Brett,
    I was very happy with the service and training offered by Hart Kilsyth when I went for my L's (4+ years ago)
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  3. Ditto for my other half, has done 3 courses with HART now and spent Wednesday on the racetrack with them...
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  4. BrettBrett The HART courses I have done in Sydney have been exceptional.
    Having read about the many Vic riders who gave also undertaken the HART courses I think they will be a great investment.
    Couple these with lots of practice in a quiet area you will have a good start to your riding future :)
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  5. Ride-Tec did okay by me when I did my L's and full licence a few years ago.
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  6. Hi BrettBrett
    I did my learner's and license courses with HART this year. Both were very good. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and friendly. I reckon I'll be headed back to do some advanced rider courses with them next year.
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  7. I'm another HART fan. Done a lot of training with them.
  8. +1 for HART. Did Learners in Kilsyth, then Licence in Somerton. Both great days, with a perfect final score on both.
    Much recommend...
  9. Can't comment on Hart. Did L's, P's and a 'cornering and braking' course with Ride-Tek and happy with them. I like the training venue at Sandown.
  10. I just did my L's last week at Motorcycle Motion in Cheltenham, which is not far from Sandown. My instructor (David) was very straight-up and honest. They have some Hondas CB125 in good condition. Price was reasonable.
  11. I did my L's and my license with Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing, and have done an on-road course with HART. I like both of them, and I've also heard good things about Ride-Tek so I guess it's up to you, what's easiest/closest
  12. I did my learners course and test with HART (Kilsyth), I was very happy with it and the instructors.
    I followed that up with my full license test again at HART (Kilsyth), again, very happy.
    They seem to really care and want to turn out safe, competent riders who will survive on the road.
    They give you some good info and advice outside the syllabus and I'm yet to find any of it was wrong or poor advice.

    Couple that with the Doug and Dave's Saturday morning learners practice (those guys should get an Australia Day award for services to motorcycling) and you have a well rounded start to your motorcycling.
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