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[VIC] Training Learner Drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. If there was a justification for mandating qualifications for teaching learner drivers, then this is it:


    What utter rubbish that this woman wasn't charged as well.

    And there are also issues about learner drivers and probationary drivers, for that matter, receiving penalties rather than mandatory licence/permit cancellation.

    Such a system seemed to work OK way back when. Why did they change it? After all, for probationary licence holders it's a probation. ie. subject to cancellation at any time for offences/misdeeds, whatever. Same for jobs and other things that require a period of probation.

    I suppose that you could argue that if on learners you offend, that you're still learning the ropes, as it were and should be offered some leeway. However, that does not apply to the fully licensed "instructor" that is supposedly teaching the learner how to drive.

    So, the instructor should also wear a penalty. If, however, they can demonstrate that they were doing their best to stop an offence being committed, perhaps then there are mitigating circumstances. But in this case, there is no excuse. Both mother and daughter should have worn the same penalties.

    And what rot "I have a headache". That may work in the bedroom, although with this woman her husband probably uses this excuse, but not in this case, not when lives are at risk.
  2. Yeah, I read article that earlier on in the day. *sigh*
  3. why do you hate teenagers? After all, they do know everything!
  4. I agree that the supervising driver should also be charged, but with negligence, as she is not doing what she is supposed to and by her response, she did know what was going on.

    The learner may learn her lesson though, suspended licences make insurance expensive and a few insurance companies may refuse to insure her at all until she is older.
  5. i thought the supervisor did get charged, not the actual driver... is it different in NSW?
  6. hahahha, as much as i would love to blame just the teenagers, the whole learning system here is completely backwards and stupid

    every learner should be forced to go through a 2 day weekend course, learning all the basics of theory and practical.

    Something very similar to what some bike learner courses offer

    having your parents teach you is a very flawed concept because it assumes that they can drive, and in most cases, judging by what I see on the road every day, most people do NOT know how to drive, so how can they teach somebody else
  7. But if "most people do NOT know how to drive" then wtf are they on the road in the first place...
  8. Due to a major shortcoming in the education and evaluation of the major populace and the apparent belief that road usage is a right and not a privilege.

  9. And whose fault is that?

    Serious question, not being sarcastic.