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VIC traffic infringement clarification

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by generalyuehfei, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. All Victorians,

    When visiting your good state and capital city it seems I incurred the following infringement:
    Issuing Authority : VICTORIA POLICE
    Traffic Infringement : #########
    Date : 08/10/2006 Time : 3:43 PM
    Offence : SPEEDING
    Offence Place : HUME HWY,CHILTEM
    Penalty : $0.00 Points deduction :0

    Reg Nr : ###### Dom Nr: #### State : NSW
    Colour : PHANTOM Usage : SS
    Type : COUPE, LARGE

    This is all the detail I have at this stage as I have been notified as such by my employer (company car). Eagerly awaiting the notification in the mail that I am sure will clarify, please advise what sort of speed incurs a $0 penalty and 0 points deduction - I am confused.

    Around this time we were on our way back to Sydney on that road with a huge number of speed cameras but what is weird is I practically drove the whole way on cruise control so it's a wonder I didn't receive more of them (or maybe they are just yet to come)

    Regards, Nick

  2. "Y'all doan' come back now, y'heear!?" :LOL:

    Seriously though, ya gotta be happy with that! :)
  3. Company cars are great, aren't they ? Seems the boss never really knows who's behind the wheel at any given time.

  4. geeez that was a waste of money to send you notice with a $0 fine and 0 demerit points.
    Dont understand these fines in Perth i was 11kms over i got fine $140. Was fined a few weeks ago for doing 13kms over 3 points (11pm just past Angel Sea going down a hill) and that was $215. 2 years ago was fined $260 for going 32kms over 3 points (on the way to the mt buller at 6.30am in the moring)
  5. The new bit of the Hume Highway has lots of cameras setup, and from what I've been told they are "Average speed over distance" cameras (or some name like that).

    They are a fixed distance apart and so know that at the speed limit (for example) it takes 5 minutes to get from one to the next, so if you do it quicker than that, then on average, you were speeding. These are REAL nasty because if you set cruise 5km/h over the limit, then you could be nicked.

    It could be from those cameras and perhaps they are testing them at the moment and they aren't active? But that's just a guess. Does anyone know for sure?

  6. hehehe the fine for company not nominating a driver is $645...... i have like $1200 worth of fines... i hate cars... seems i can't get a fine on the bike i get one every time i bloody drive...

    Current number of "Dark Orange" lights ran this week... 7
  7. having just gone thru this, you forgot sumfing.....
    car also gets de-registered :evil:
    it does not matter if the vehicle is interstate

    so your employer (if they have sense) will nominate a driver
    ...and then the driver cops the points and fine

  8. I had to go to Shepparton this week and saw them for the first time. I didn't realise they were "average speed over distance" cameras. Had my cruise set on 113, allowing for the higher than actual speedo reading.
    It always make me a bit nervous going past those things.
  9. Yes this is the case.

    Clarifying with my employer, the infringement is 8k's over the limit which from what I can see on your VICROADS website is 1 demerit point.

    No info on penalty cost though?? anyone?

    I think at that time my wife was driving that leg of the trip. (Besides, this would entail 50% of my current point allocation)

    note: I too set the cruise on a little over although sometimes in boredom I do plant it a little every couple hundred k's

    Regards, Nick
  10. Be careful allowing for an incorrect speedo..

    In the Landcruiser, the tyres I'm running are a fair bit bigger than standard ones (11.3% bigger). Theoretically that means that when the speedo says 100, I'm doing 111. However, according to the GPS, when the speedo says 100, I'm actually doing 101.

    In the Commodore, I'm running stock sized tyres, and at 100 on the speedo (Ex-police - marked in 2km/h markings, not 5km/h), the GPS tells me I'm doing 112.. :?

    Haven't had the GPS on the bike yet, so that will be interesting.
  11. :-k wish my traffic infringements cost me $0 and 0 points :eek:

    nice work :cool:
  12. Die :p
  13. I think they are testing the newcameras/technology so thats why it's 0$.
  14. :worthlesspics:

    to use a Monty Python quote as well,
    "you lucky lucky lucky lucky b*stard"
    my work car is a ford courier.


    ps sorry cant help much with the zero fine zero points,
    except to say, I think you had a win on that one.

  15. The offence occured at Chiltern and the last of the new fixed camera's is at Broadford some 200km (2 hours) south on the freeway.

    I'd say it's a mobile camera that got ya and the compuder stuffed up the ticket.
  16. Send them a cheque for $0.00- .

    Just to be safe. :LOL: