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[Vic] "Traffic Counter" Noojee/Poowong

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by arc, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. #1 arc, Jan 17, 2011
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    Seen on Saturday 8th January between Nyora and Poowong and again seen on Sunday 16th January on the C426 between Noojee and the C465 intersection (Willowgrove Road/Icy Creek Road).

    These devices are seen in pairs several kms apart and on both sides of the road.

    They consist of what looks like a ?? camera (creme housing), a night vision CCTV camera (black housing) and a digital video recorder plus battery and controller units.

    [URL="]YouTube video footage here.[/URL]


    Creme camera - no visible markings ;(

    NESS EDSR100M - rugged digital video recorder

    Extreme CCTV (REG license plate capture) - the "black" camera

  2. No way anyone would be leaving those unattended for very long.

    Just asking to run them over and destroy them.
  3. Do you know it's definitely a "traffic counter"? Dunno why they'd need to cap your rego...
    There are trials of those "point-to-point" speed cameras going on around the country atm, and that was my first thought...
  4. Or to chuck it in the boot of a car and take it home.

    I have been after a decent digital video recorder... :-k.
  5. Unfortunately they are "manned".

    Thanks for the recon arc.
  6. Pity. Maybe I'll just buy some 5w infrared LEDs and f*&k with their testing for fun instead :).
  7. The battery in the youtube video has a sticker proclaiming

    Agreed. I seriously doubt these are for volume counting. I'm also of the opinion that it's some form of p2p trial...I guess it could simply be volume testing and differentiation of cars vs 4WDs vs bikes...

    I guess someone could drop-in or call them and ask:

    1/21 Yiannis Court
    Springvale Vic 3171
    Tel (03) 9888 1119
    Fax: (03) 9888 1197
    Mobile: 0419 388 244

    There were also 2-4 sets of the "usual" black traffic counter pressure lines across the road between the camera positions...both in the Poowong area and yesterday around the Noojee ones. Interestingly there were no turn offs which makes any sense as to why there were so many of the pressure counters.

  8. Ok just called and talked to a fellow there.

    They are contracted to vic roads doing a travel time study.

    Tracking point a to b travel times and volumes.

    He confirmed not to do with vicpol.

    He urged me to contact vicroads for further info.
  9. How many globes do ya reckon?? Would you run them in parallel with the rego plate light? I've been thinking about this kinda mod recently - been meaning to drop in on radio parts / Jaycar / DSE to suss this out. :-k
  10. I think mythbusters tested that and the processing used filter it out.
    Plate was still visible.
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  12. Wouldn't take that many. I already have one that I fitted in a modified torch housing and that's quite blinding to an unfiltered B+W camera. Even on a filtered colour camera it's certainly noticeable.

    High powered LEDs are best sourced direct from China through eBay. There's a couple of sellers that specialise in IR and UV LEDs I've used before and they're much cheaper than even trade price through Jaycar. If you're interested I can look back through my receipts and find their ebay store names. Running from 12 volts won't be a problem, simply a case of using the appropriate resistor to step down the voltage (or using one of the voltage converters sold by the same Chinese sellers who stock the LEDs).

    To test the effectiveness all you really need is a laptop and a $5 webcam, though removing the IR filter from a webcam lens can be a little tricky.
  13. Big difference between trying to over-exposure an entire camera image, and simply rendering a small area within that image too bright for fine detail to be legible.
  14. Ebay you say... :-k ...thanks for the tip JD.
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  16. If you see one on the side of the road, Pull up round the first bend, stop and have a smoke, or a leak, or a chat,
    Then continue on your merry way, The time you have stopped, makes your P2P time very slow,
  17. Sharing's caring Robbie :)
  18. I saw the lines yesterday, but didn't see anything else. Must have missed it
  19. MythBusters did test whether you could make your numberplate on cars overexposed or otherwise unreadable by cameras. Unfortunately, none of them worked as the paint on numberplates are designed to reflect light - the more light you put on it, the better it stands out in a photo. Ever tried taking a photo of your own bike/car with a flash and noticed how well your plate stands out, even from weird angles?

    Ok, so there's a few things we could take from this: US number plates might not (but most likely do) use a very similar if not the same paint to reflect light, smaller plates might be harder to read, front facing cameras obviously will not work with plates only on the back of your bike, or the test results might have had outside influence from police/government (there you go conspirators).

    I guess if you want to overexpose any image, you want the bright light to be coming from anywhere but your numberplate.

    Of course, as deadman pointed out, pulling over or doing slower than the expected speed limit will foil point-to-point cameras. But you'd probably get asked why you pulled over if a cop saw you in the middle somewhere.

    Or, just don't speed?