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(Vic) Track Days - Where do I start?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by robbied, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Can you recommend a track day for me? I've never been to one but im keen to go and im in the process of preparing the bike. I know theres a few tracks in Vic, which one would be the best for a beginner?

  2. Phillip Island is _fast_ but it's always nice to be riding around the same track the big name racers do, and it puts in perspective how fast those guys really are... likely the most expensive option. PI is fun, but I'm under no illusion that I'll ever feel like I've got the track right.

    Broadford is tight, bumpy and doesn't have lots of run off but it can teach cornering skills very well and is cheaper. Broadford OTH is tight enough that I don't (normally) scare my self half silly pushing hard (I find tighter corners less eeekkk than turn 1 at PI at real speed *gulp*).

    Winton is probably an excellent choice for a first trackday, it's tighter than PI but not as unforgiving if you stuff up as Broadford.

    But honestly as long as you ride within _your_ limits it wouldn't matter which track you went to :)
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    Also what do I have to do to my bike preparation wise?
  4. If its a street bike then you should probably take off mirrors, indicators, etc as it's less that will break in the event of a fall. Lots of riders also tape up headlights if they're glass.

    A good start is that your bike is in roadworthy condition, but it doesn't technically have to be.

    If it's checked out at all (rare!) the officials are usually looking for things such as oil leaks, working brakes, etc.
  5. Trackdays are fun.
    Make sure you have good tyres, plenty of fuel, and plenty of food/drink.

    PI is fun, yes it is fast, but its so smooth and nice. Broadford same comment as the others. Calder is pretty good. Not really tight, a bit bumpy, has a nice long straight to test top speed.
  6. Broadford is tight and twisty but the grip level is phenomenal meaning that if you make a mistake but attemp the corner, you'll probably get away with it.
    Winton is a bit more open but with a rougher surface, less grip on high curbs. Neither are picturesque as Phillip Island, which is probably the best circuit in the world. PI has very fast corners, a fair amount of grip, very wide track but a price to match.
    Cheapest is Broadford, followed by Winton and then PI.
    It depends on the day, but PI is usually more busy than the other two.
    Trackdays require that your bike is in road worthy condition and has good tread on the tyres.
    You get it checked over at the beginning of the day but the guys will help you fix the fixable to get you out on the track.
    Check out the trackday web sites for each companys full rules but I recommend you wear full leathers, even if the rules allow a substitute fabric.
  7. Hi Ian what about Calder Park is that track any good?
  8. Sorry, never been there. They run track days there quite often though.
  9. It's not a terrible track, but it occasionally has this weird issue with getting extremely slippery. Otherwise it's quite good. Just not as much fun as PI.
  10. I have only ever done one ride day and it was at PI.
    I had a great day there and busted past 200 leagally for a change.
    They catered for all levels of riding experience but I think the most important thing is not to forget your own ability.
    Where ever you decide to go I'm sure you'll love it.
  11. A little late with a reply but anyway. I do trackdays with the Honda Riders club.You can take your bike there and stretch its legs as safely as is possible. But it has to be registered and road worthy. All abillities are welcomed and the HRC marshalls will help you with anything you want.Technique and cornering lines. Awsome days !!
  12. I'm with Ian on his track discription.

    Winton is tight and rough and also very taxing on the body, you need to be fit or like me you will feel the pain. They run more cars there than bikes and the track shows it... Dirt/patchy/very bumpy.
    $120 - $145 depending on the day

    Broadford is a better choice than Winton. It's closer, the track is smooth and much less taxing plus it's around the same price but it is still a bit tight and some of the corners can be a bit tricky with very little run off.

    Phillip Island is my number reccomendation. It is a world class circuit and thus has a world class surface and layout. It's a fast circuit, but don't let that fool you, it's actually much safer than the other two and, in my opinion, much more forgiving. The track is almost twice as wide and the run off areas are big enough to take away any high speed jitters. This means that you have more area to work with if you mess up your lines. I find it very easy to ride.
    Go the Island! You won't regret it.

    I have driven Calder and did not think much of it. I imagine it would be even worse on a bike. But... I shouldn't rag it till I try it so I think I will be there on the 8th which is the next Champions day.
    Just to see for myself.