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Vic Toy run Dec 12th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by tim, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Just a reminder to all that the toy run is on this Sunday in Vic.

    Details - http://www.toyrun.org.au/

  2. Re: Vic Toy run

    It is?? :? Well that was kept quiet!!
  3. Not really Rob,

    it's been fixed on the second Sunday in December for many years...
  4. In the past, I seem to recall reminder fliers at the expo and similar... seen nothing this year.
  5. Pending the weather, I'll be looking at starting from Cranbourne.
  6. Yep I got a flier at the Expo this year!
  7. So is anyone doing the ride?????

    Was thinking of going to Eltham meet point and then on to Docklands,,,,

    Regards Neil
  8. I'll be starting at Cranbourne
  9. I didn't recognise anyone from Netrider this year.

    Few shots from today..



  10. Sydney toy run was huge, all harleys though, so I went to the old road instead
  11. I was there and it was good - lots of bikes.Assume they will continue with this location. Only met 1 person I know.
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    I filmed the stunt rider for a good 5 mins or so... will look at it later and see how it is. If it is decent then I will upload it. (I will probably upload it anyway :p)

    Toy run was good, I saw one person I knew at Cranbourne. God there were A LOT of bikes.

    Going through the tunnel pretty much made me deaf... next time add some horn in there? ;)

    EDIT: [URL="]here[/URL] is the link to the video. Took a while to upload but quality is great. You can watch it in 720p if you want :D
  13. I went in from Ferntree Gully. Didn't see too many I knew.
  14. How many bikes?
  15. I'm in that crowd !!
  16. From Cranbourne alone I'd say a couple hundred at least! The tunnel was absolutely deafening just cruising at low speed. Lots of Harley's, but there were also lots of other bikes there.

    Police escort was fun... Monash got blocked off when we got on and again when we got off hehehe. I would've thought that they would block off intersections when we went through also, but instead we waited for lights to change.
  17. Don't have a count but the cops escorting the Cranbourne run said it took up three and a half kilometres of freeway.
  18. I can believe the 3.5km, the rubberband effect was in full swing. I was near the back and it did look impressive stretched out in front.
    I pitied the poor cagers in the tunnel tho, twas deafening.
  19. Next year someone should go around as a marshal with a helmet cam if possible... that would be sweet! :)
  20. I was on my way to the Vic Dog Centre, in Skye, and saw the lot coming along the highway from Cranbourne, did look like hundreds and was very impressive.