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[VIC] Tougher "hoon" laws passed - enforced next year

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Victims of crime... not "THE victims of the perpetrator's crime" - because most instances of speeding/hooning/etc are completely victimless.

    Unreal. If the proceeds of traffic crimes should go to victims of crime, why do speed camera fines go into consolidated revenue?
  2. It poses the question, many times asked, many times unanswered or just plain lied about, "if it's not about revenue raising, then why budget for it?"
  3. I have a crazy suggestion.

    If the cops, in any state, REALLY want to cut down on speeding in order to save lives, AND want to shake the complaints about revenue raising, they should do the following:

    * Remove a monetary penalty for speeding offences
    * return the points system to a simple 3 strikes you're out.

    Yes we can further argue all day about the speed limits themselves and how dangerous 10km/h over the limit really is, but having the penalty for breaking the speed limit be a points only system still punishes the 'hoons' without making it look like a money grab.

    One thing I find interesting is the newish system in NSW.
    Used to be 0-15km/h over was 3 points. So you do that 4 times and you're facing a suspension.

    NOW it is 0-10km/h and 1 point for the lowest speeding offence bracket.
    On the surface you might think 'hmm that seems reasonable to lower the point penalty' but it simply means they can do you 12 times before a suspension, that's 12 times the fine.

    Now if, as Dr Karl KrisononsoahsUHZihxkey says in those RTA ads that even tiny speeding is highly dangerous were true, then SURELY it would be in the interest of public safety to get repeat offenders doing 69km/h in a 60 zone off the road ASAP, not give them 12 chances.
  4. that's not crazy, it's sensible and would actually work... but unfortunately theres no money to be made in it.

    faced with my bike being stolen and crushed, i won't be pulling over.
    it just leaves you no option.
  5. It has nothing to do with the cops. They only enforce the laws that are made by parliament.
  6. Proof positive youve got more balls than brains mate...... at least you talk a good game, lets see if your stupid enough to actually try it.

    As for the article, if your doing 70km/hr over the limit....... then you deserve whatever you get.
  7. Another case of politicians increasing penalties and fines to draconian levels in a feeble attempt to persuade the 3oldW listening public that they are doing something about crime and anti-social behaviour in Melbourne, rather than putting the necessary police officers on the roads with marked vehicles to create a visible deterrent through an atmosphere of law and order, and telling any of the 3oldW listening public who still have concerns to turn off the radio.
  8. In summary, they don't want to stop you speeding, they want to CATCH you speeding.

  9. What do they say, every K over, the government kills a kitten...

    Hi, my name is Thera, This year I have been responsible for many kittens... So far no human has died. Though this year, i contributed to the "Spa Fund" twice.

    So hmm, Perhaps I'll move to the Ilse of Man.
  10. Too blood right!
  11. When they do exactly that, with a large presence in the hills and our other favourite roads, they are criticised for doing just that.
  12. Cut the crap. When they're in the Yarra Ranges, of late, they've been hassling riders and defecting vehicles for trivial shit, and in general bordering on violating the human rights charter with respect to targetting a minority group and singling them out for "special" treatment. It'd be different if they pulled up other vehicles as well, but they don't. Riders, who were not on bikes at the time, have even overhead those police in the area state that their goal is to get rid of all bikes from the Yarra Ranges area. The local cop's attitude is completely different, and he doesn't mind the bikes. These are the TMU guys that are the issue.
  13. Time for a massive group ride in single file to marysville en masse to show the locals what they will be missing out on because the tmi are harassing us
  14. Do you really???

    On the freeway that's 180 kph, that's only 110 mph in old money. It's fast but not warp speed.
  15. but the sign says 110!! Obey they sign.
  16. See this is a good idea, if say just 200 riders went up and spent say $20 on lunch in the local pub and restaruants around the place, thats $4k in one day and then let them know that this would probly be the last time these riders would be up this way, it doesnt sound like much but if it happened every weekend because the Police where harrassing everyone out of the area, the local shop/pub owners would have a serious uproar about it.
  17. In today's Herald-Sun there's a short article about a rider who was killed on the GOR. While tragic, what I failed to understand is why the newspaper associated a poll that asks if there should be tougher rules for young riders to lower the toll. The victim in this case was 50, according to the report. Further, the report fails to mention the cause of the collision.

    Sometimes newspapers have too much say in things public, I reckon. I hate the idea that if an editorial staff has a prejudice against something, or if it has a barrow to push, then it can do what it can to influence public opinion without any recourse.
  18. For a while on the M4 some funny bastard crossed out the speed limit on one of the signs and sprayed "punch it ****" over the top. I obeyed, I had no choice.
  19. Why should I obey the sign?