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[VIC] Toolangi State Forest

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lil, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Now that we have two bikes again and I had a full weekend off, Jay and I decided a bit of exploring of our new area was in order. We have two KLR650s now...mine is a red 2005 (Brutto) and Jay has the 2008 greenie (as yet unnamed :roll: ).

    Saturday was spent getting me a little more comfortable with slipping, sliding and dealing with rocks, potholes and ruts. We decided to look around Toolangi State Forest as my practice ground. We left about 11am, headed to Healesville via the Spur (warmup :wink: ) and to get some lunch for the day :grin: . Then to the forest via Myers Creek Road (which is in pretty good nick :wink: ). We turned right just past the Toolangi Strawberry Farm onto Sylvia Creek Road and headed for the Mt. Tanglefoot carpark. After consulting the map, we decided to head up Kalatha Road toward Mt Despair. We saw a BIG wombat ducking into the bushes as we headed through there. Some tightish corners and lots of rocks started my challenges for the day. Jay had fitted 30mm risers to the bars on Brutto, as I struggle to stand comfortably on the pegs due to length of legs :oops: I'm sure I looked awkward trying o find the right way to stand going uphill, then downhill and even on the flatter sections :oops:

    We tried to go all the way up Kalatha Road, but the road was closed (lots of seasonal road closures through there :( ) where it branches off (it's hard to tell what's an intersection in the bush :shock: ). Took us a couple of minutes to get the bikes turned around on the narrow, slippery track, but we made it without incident :grin: . We kept heading up the hill on Horseyard Creek Road which was really rocky. I had to stop for a breather part way down, as I felt as though things were getting out of control :oops: :shock: . Finally made it to the bottom, shaken but not stirred :LOL:

    We stopped at the Marginal Road intersection for a cup of tea and some photos. I took off two jumpers....this is hard work and all at speeds less than 60kph!!!! Marginal Road was relatively easy compared to what we'd just come through.... a bit slippery, but not too bumpy and easy corners to navigate. The end of Marginal Road pops you out in some farmland. We took a right down Murrindindi Road where there was a bit of 4WD traffic and quite a few campers. This is a logging road and in very good condition, so we moved pretty quickly along there to Falls Creek Road. I enjoyed this road. Good surface again, but slippery. I'm getting the hang of sliding...even when the front is squirrelling, it feels so much more natural now! :shock:

    We then turned left onto Black Range Road which took us up to a hilltop with spectacular views. They've cleared the trees a bit for the pylons to run through. We turned right here to follow Old SEC Road down the hill. This was particularly challenging for me. The road snakes down the hill and is VERY rocky, with tight hairpin downhill corners and 4WDs moving fairly quickly through here. It was about 330 by now and I was pretty tired, so decided to head home. We turned left onto Friday Creek Road, again used by logging trucks, so in good nick. This turned into Glendale Lane which brings you out on Maroondah Hwy opposite the Cathedral Range State Park. Then it was just a quick blat down the highway home again :grin:

    A good fun first day at dirt/adventure style riding. We covered about 150kms in 4 or 5 hours, about half of which was dirt, the rest being the Black Spur and Myers Creek Road :grin:
  2. Nice write up. I have explored some of that area on foot, and even less in the 4WD. We occasionally camp on a property on Pauls Lane of the Old Toolangi Rd. Dirt road that goes straight up a steep hill (which is nicknamed Harbours Hill) with good views from the top. Going up and over in a 4WD is challenging enough - I can appreciate how tricky it might have been. The ruts you see on those steep tracks can be deep enough (i imagine) to swallow your whole front wheel!

    I'd love to get out there with my young boys on their dirt bikes - there are a lot of tracks through the forest that used to be open to bikes but they have now closed them off. In any case I dont think the Virago would be up to it.... :) I think I need to save some $$$ and maybe look at upgrading to a BMW GS650... thanks for the inspiration :)