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[VIC] Tolmie - Whitfield Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Ok so I'm planning a ride up to my old stomping ground (Whitfield) over the Summer.
    I havent ridden/driven down from Mansfield for 10 years or so and the last time I did there was about 10k of dirt between Tolmie and Whitfield.

    Has anyone done the recently?
    Is it sealed all the way yet?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sealed all the way it is! And very nicely, too. (apart from the odd small patch affected by the fires). One or two corners that will spring a surprise on you, but a helluva road. Take care and have fun.
  3. ... now if only they'd seal the one over from Whitfield to Dandongadale! :)
  4. Thanks mate.
    I know the road very well. Just haven't done it since the sealing.
    The last time (from Whitfield) was on a XT500 so a bit of dirt was fun.
    A fully loaded Bandit at the end of a long day would be a different story.
  5. That's what adrenalin is for! :twisted:

    I was up there last summer and the road is in great condition...... I stopped for lunch at the servo and had a nice feed (was told the pub had changed hands and had dropped the ball a bit).
  6. I live fairly close to it & do it reasonably regularly. It was in generally good shape 2 weeks ago. Coming from Mansfield, there is one left hander to be aware of, near the beginning of the first tight section, perhaps the 3rd corner after the Armco begins. There is a set of corrugations in the middle of it that upsets the V-Strom - it tends to skate badly if you're going for it. May not be a problem on other bikes.
  7. There also a LH corner (I think ~4/5th the way) from Whitfield heading to Mansfield that tightens and tightens and... anyway popular place for vehicles of all types to run off the black stuff.

    You can spot it easily enough - the embankment has been built-up so you have a few more meters to stop after you cross the road and before you go over the edge. Something I found useful once :oops: :oops:
  8. Yeah that one used to and maybe still does catch log trucks :shock:

    I'm looking at work rosters tomorrow so when I know when, I may even post up for some company :wink:

    Thanks all for the comments.
  9. I did a Whitfield - Mansfield run in the dark several years ago in the company wagon and as I rounded a bend uttered "Oh Dear" (well something worse actually) when confronted by a very large deer blocking the road :shock:

    Suffice to say I worked out how well the brakes on a VT Wagon with 400kg of tools & 100kg of me worked..........

    and I missed it, just :)
  10. Looking forward to the sealing of the Tolmie-Tatong Rd.

    Edit: Oh, and Licola-Jamieson too. Imagine what a run that would be, eh?
  11. Yeah that's the one I'm waiting for.
    Its a Wellington Shire priority but not Mansfield's apparently :evil: