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[VIC] To the guy what sideswiped the Red Honda's Mirror....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grunge, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. ... on Maroondah Highway city bound before Warrien Road @ 8.05am Yesterday (Wed 5th Sept.)

    You hit my mate's red honda's driver's side mirror whilst filtering (He says you were splitting, but I'm sure you weren't) and in the process it also broke his small side window too. Yes, I think it's a design flaw by Honda but hey, I didn't buy that car.

    You're probably just a little panicked about keeping the bike up which is why you didn't stop. It was a pretty damn hard hit apparently.

    In any case, would you please be able to contact me so I can pass your info to him. In his words, he's not fussed about the damage to his car, just a little PO'ed that you rode off like that. He's managed to find replacement parts, but wouldn't you think it'd be nice if you could give him some cashola for getting them replaced?

    I explained to him about the panic, and he said he understood as he saw your bike wobble after the hit.

    Anyways, I don't want to keep getting $#!t from him my other non bike riding mates about how bikes shouldn't be on the road, so yeah.. gimmie a pm pls.

    Cheers mate!
  2. Good luck with that one mate. Didn't he get the rego?
  3. Your mate should have left more room for bikes :p :bolt:
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  4. Fair enough op. pity you don't know the type of bike.
    Good luck.
  5. No need. Let the rider find his own courage to face up, in his own time.
  6. He should have had a video camera fitted to his car. Then he could have recorded the incident plus the bikes rego number and posted the clip in a forum.
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  7. Do you really think that every motorcyclist reads netrider?
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  8. Only the ones that crash
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  9. Do you really think I was being serious?
  10. it sucks for your mate, and i can see why the rider would of panicked.

    but its slim pickings that they are on here, any idea on the make and model? and he didn't bother looking at his rego when he/she wobbled off?
  11. Interesting that because a motorcycle has a number plate that makes it easy to read, very interesting.
  12. Maybe instead of helping people with that attitude you should be telling em good luck finding who it is yourselves.
  13. A couple of points...
    Firstly, the OP is helping out a mate. That's what aussie blokes do, we help our mates if they need a hand.
    Secondly, the bloke has "attitude" because the bike rider is in the wrong and fvcked off after damaging his car. FFS I'd have "attitude" too if a car damaged my bike and pissed off without exchanging details.
  14. Well if being an 'aussie bloke' means youre a doormat, allow people to tell you you shouldnt exist in one breath then expect your help in the next, then no ****ing wonder we are constantly walked over. Well done.

    Im not having a go at the 'i need to find this dude' attitude at all, they did the wrong thing, but ill be fvcked if im going to help someone if theyre going to then say 'thanks, now stay away from the road'
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  15. To do damage to someone elses property (accidental or not) and not own up to it is the low cunt act of a coward.
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  16. Im not saying the dude shouldnt be found, or have to pay, at all.

    Im saying a cager is on one hand saying bikers are ****ed and shouldnt be on the road, then expecting a biker to help them out. **** that. Thats called being a doormat.
  17. we only have one side of the story here.
    imho the cager deserved it.
  18. It was such a simple thread to begin with

    How easy people started arguing

    Netrider needs a resident Dr Phil
  19. Well 'that' other thread is getting locked so we need somewhere to post our pictures of cats in cardigans. Flame on.
  20. I miss that other thread already :(