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VIC Vic to scrap rego stickers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Hoski, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. The full story, if you don't have access.

    CAR registration stickers will be scrapped in a move estimated to save Victorian taxpayers almost $20 million a year.
    Premier Denis Napthine and Roads Minister Terry Mulder said it will be introduced for cars and light vehicles from January 1 next year.
    Industry groups, who have argued the stickers are outdated and lobbied for them to be scrapped, welcomed the decision.
    Dr Napthine said "pesky" registration labels would be a thing of the past.
    "This reform will bring Victoria into line with most other states which have either abolished registration labels or are planning to," Dr Napthine said.
    "When you operate a business with dozens or even hundreds of vehicles there is a significant cost involved in time and effort to change over registration labels ever year.''
    VicRoads issued about 5.4 million registration labels in 2011-12, which cost about $600,000 to print.
    Millions of dollars are also spent in administration costs and labour.
    Mr Mulder said: "There is no need for anyone to fear that they will be caught driving an unregistered vehicle because the same reminders will be sent to them.
    "They just won't need to stick a label on their windscreen."
    Tourism and Transport Forum deputy CEO Trent Zimmerman said the decision was good news for motorists and the rental car industry, which has about 140,000 vehicles nationally.
    "Victoria is the second last state still using rego stickers and while it is of some annoyance for your average motorist, for rental car companies owning tens of thousands of vehicles it actually becomes a major piece of red tape,'' Mr Zimmerman said.
    "This measure will save rental car companies tens of thousands of dollars because it means that each year they won't have to be scrapping off and putting on stickers on their large car fleets.''
    Western Australia and South Australia were the first states to axe car registration stickers followed by Tasmania and NSW. Queensland is still investigating the issue.
    The Herald Sun revealed last year the TTF and RACV were urging the State Government to scrap the stickers.
    The Government said at the time it had no plans to axe the labels.
    Registration costs will not change.
  2. That's great news. Hopefully I can now pull that ugly plastic case and sticker off my bike. Gets dirty and cracked, and worse of all, the colours are terrible and clash with my bike!
  3. Yer, they will probably scrap the rego labels and give us front number plates.
  4. I think we now know why they are so keen to introduce front plates on bikes.
  5. Hoo-bloody-ray.

    About time, too!
  6. Meh, don't really care about this rego issue.

    What I care more is if I could legally reduce my rear fender.
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  7. Is that actually going to be introduced? Don't quote me on this but I thought it was going to be scrapped for putting the bike off balance.
  8. Looks like I'm up for a new number plate holder - mine has the rego roll attached underneath.
  9. Dunno about the bike but it will put me off balance, thats for sure.
  10. $20 million saving, NEK MINNUT rego fee's still go up
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  11. Now how am I going to know how long I've owned my bike if i cant just keep adding labels into the holder? Next thing they'll stop issuing plastic dog rego tags, I only know my dogs 10 cos I can count his tags on his collar......
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  12. #14 titus, Jul 3, 2013
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    How much time have you got?

    TL; DR - it's only a proposal at this stage, being pushed by police and Dept of Justice. Last time Vicroads looked at it (few years ago) they decided it was unfeasible.

    But let's not repeat all that here (my bad). Of itself, less crap on the bike is not a bad thing.
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  13. Thanks for that mate.
  14. Never had mine on the bike to begin with, for years had a broken piece of plastic attached to my number plate 'it was there when I left home orrificer' Still a move in the right direction though.
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    Excellent - the sticker does spoil the look of my cafe racer and I would love to get rid of it. Given I lost my rego sticker the first day I put it on the cafe racer and had to get a replacement sticker the next day, it will be one less thing to fall off.

    Plus I do worry about the one in the plastic holder on the Triumph's swingarm getting thrown off without me knowing about it.
  16. We already have that here in Vic, well Yarra Ranges anyway, Only the same blue tag now... least i wont have to worry if i lose the sticker holder now
  17. VicPol were seriously embarrassed a while back when the officious and narrow thinking SHWP and TMU booked interstate drivers for not displaying rego labels - they weren't legally required to display them in their states.

    I think the million dollar refund, plus all the time and effort spent by resources brought this issue into sharp focus and today we see the scrapping as a positively spun effort to help cut redtape.

    I won't miss the label mind you.
  18. Yep come Jan 1 new mod remove label.