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Vic to consider tech aids to limit repeat speeder

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/1062756/victoria-mulls-tech-solution-to-speed

    Was the MRAVic at this meeting?

    My next question is why bother making cars/bikes capable of speeds over 80, that seems to be where we are heading? and BV suggesting making some area's 30, well if that is the case i would like to see all pushies registered with speedo's cause i know 30 is quite achievable even for myself who rides once in a blue moon, and i can still ride quicker then that....

    I mean seriously at what speed isn't a danger to the public 20km/hr 10 maybe walking pace......ffs sake the way we are going i reckon i might have to learn to ride a horse, do you need a license to ride a horse? If it an offense to ride a horse drunk or can you be done for speeding considering (granted i know little about horses) but i don't think they have a adr approved speedo? Wonder what the rego & CPI costs are? :-k Do you need to carry a poo bag to pick up the shit after the horse has a crap like you do with dogs? oh geez this is a complex state this victoria

    So many questions:-k
  2. Apparently at this meeting they're throwing ideas around most of which will not be used.
    Don't know if there's any truth in this one but someone told me yesterday that one options for repeat moto speeders on full licenses was to return them back to a LAMS bikes only for a certain period of time. Like I said, most ideas will be thrown out as all this is a knee jerk reaction due to increase fatalities this year.

    Bottom line is with hundreds of thousands motorists moving around in a city of 4 mil, there will always be mistakes made, unfortunate but it will always be the case. Facts are with huge increases in motorists/riders over the last couple of decades, road fatalites have lowered quite significantly and a zero road toll is somewhat unrealistic.

    Stupid driving/riding causing accidents shouldn't happen but when they ka-ching the coffers nabbing people for drifting 4k over the limit, it no wonder that most don't believe that a real safety measure will come out of the meeting.

    I would say the best way to get the public on side is to earn their respect with decisions made..... not as hard as it seems but maybe not enough revenue as a result.
  3. My two cents: it's a bluff.

    I think this speed limiter technology is the Ministry of Truth's new gimmick to protect their traffic revenue source. it will only get trotted out to quell growing public outrage at revenue raising (to make cameras seem a lesser evil)

    Gubmint: "MORE cameras for you! gwa ha ha!"
    Public and Webber: "Noo! Greedy revenue! nanny state!"
    Gubmint: "Erm...now we're bringing in speed limiting technology too!!"
    Public: "whoah a second here, that's Orwellion-crazy! This isn't China! Weren't cameras enough??"
    Gubmint: "Well...okay. See? We're not so bad! We listen! Your leader loves you." (And the $437million we wouldn't have profited from you if we HAD rolled out speed limiters)

    worst case scenario,
    only given to the repeat offenders (at cost to them) after they've nearly maxed out the points on their licence and are facing a suspension (which isn't a profitable scenario for the state), leaving them free to remain on the roads to be targeted for further traffic tickets. And I'm happy to wager a bet that these devices only affect throttle, and not braking (like some of the newer advanced cruise control systems). So you'll still get booked if there's a camera after a downhill section.

    you know, I never used to be so mistrustful of the Victorian government. But with their 3km/h tolerance, covert cameras and "aims" to increase traffic revenue as part of the budget, I'm calling bulls**t.
  4. Grant and Kerry were there from the MRA. The impression I have is that it wwas a two hour discussion tossing ideas around. The one about putting people back on LAMS isn't one I've heard of - and I suspect it would apply to people who had actually lost their licences a couple of times (not merely had them suspended).

    I've only spoken briefly to Grant about it but I expect him to do a report on it shortly.

    In the CBD at least, the horse drawn carriages have to have little bags to catch the horses poo as it drops. There's been at least one motorcycle crash I know of after skidding on horse sh1t on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Unfortunately no one knew which horse did it so they couldn't be prosecuted.
  5. Maybe it was left unclear for a reason, but the minister managed to confuse me by mixing up comments about speed limiters with 'GPS controlled speed warning devices'. Can anyone clear this up?

    I wouldn't have a big problem with a warning device, really. But it could be a bit of a job to enforce it's use on a bike. (Helmet mounted?). I reckon they're thinking about cars.

    So, was Harry Barber from BV up there representing the Government view that we need 30kmh limits? He might as well be, it amount to the same thing. Once again, the basis of the whole problem is setting absurd limits in the first place.
  6. My GPS already tells me when I am speeding, assuming I am using it. The technology exists to integrate into a cruise control device but I don't think they would introduce it but the idea of a chime when reach the maximum speed limit will probably come into effect at some stage. Look how ESP will be standard on any new car soon.
  7. That is all.

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  9. A good horse at full gallop can easily do 50-60kph....horses with speedo's 8-[8-[8-[ wonder if they'd have to be adr compliant??:bolt:
  10. GPS would work on a horse...

    Errrr, but where do you stick the plug when the battery starts to die.
    (and i don't recommend where you're all thinking......)
  11. Isn't it self policing???

    Surely if you're a repeat speeder then you'll die, or kill someone else and go to prison for ever???

    Or maybe just maybe their spinning us a line and speeding isn't that dangerous after all???
  12. Why not just use a gps tracker on their ankle?... would be way cheaper.
    Could log location, speed and direction to a server and it'll compare the road limit with travel speed and instantly catch out anyone being a dick. If they say they weren't the driver then they have to give up the actual driver or cop it themself.
  13. Yes. Click here for the report.

    I didn't mention Harry's call for 30Kmp/h zones as no one there supported the idea. There was discussion about why cars are being marketed for their excessive speed capabilities and early driver education however an example of how young drivers leave school early, take on a trade and buy high powered Utes who would not receive any of this education. Motorcycles were not mentioned but the Graduated Licensing scheme was.
  14. great to hear you guys attended....

    one thing i noted was the ESC and motorcycles :-s

    The other thing i was thinking about was the part about drivers paying less attention, and i wondered if in part it's due to modern cars being to simple to operation/comfy at a basic level (when everything is perfect) hence you don't need really need to full attention, but when things start to go wrong they you do, in older cars they were noisy, heavy steering/some lacked comfort and mod cons etc so the concentration required to operate said vehicle was higher. Add to that lower limits and a focus on watching the speedo rather then driving to the conditions, might also play a large part in the whole driver distraction/why driver seem to have lack of attention
  15. My old boss in the Vehicle Safety Branch favoured the idea of keeping all the dynamic aspects (brakes, tyres, suspension etc) of cars at modern levels but incorporating a hatch in the driver's footwell that would open at speeds over 20km/h. Reckoned that seeing the bitumen zip past would concentrate the driver's mind wonderfully.
  16. Dunno what the minister was refering to, but if it's a GPS based speed limiter or a warning device as has been mentioned in the past, then it will be subjected to the inherant lag that is characteristic of a GPS receiver, and that the mapping data may be out of date.

    For example, I run the latest Tom Tom maps in my Mio GPS. It tells me that the Princes Freeway is now 100 km/h, that the Princes Highway through town is now 70 km/h. Currently, they're set at 110 and 80 km/h respectively.

    That's fine because if the gear limited the speed you'd be well under the posted limit at this point in time. But there are many roads which get reduced speed limits but the GPS data isn't updated for long periods of time.

    And finally, you can be up to 200 metres inside a changed speed zone before the GPS updates to reflect this. That's plenty of distance to set up speed cameras, which they do now.
  17. It would be great if it worked like that. Get your self a GPS Jammer and your set.