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Vic Titles Rd 1, Broadford 19-20 March 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by D1300, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Just posted this up as a notice for any interested spectators.

    Looks like a well attended meet, inevitably there'll be some good racing.

  2. i'll be there with the leathers on.
  3. Was at the MX Nationals next door last weekend and I have to say watch where you walk around the Broadford complex.

    A lot of dirt was moved around as a result of all the recent rain and the staff are having to repair a lot of the roads and tracks around the complex.

    The road course itself looked ok from a distance when I giving a few interstate visitors a PVDA tour of the complex.
  4. See you out there!

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. yeah the MX nationals definitely turned into 'broadford' with the rain.
  6. At least I had an indoors job with a view of the racing when the rain hit :D
  7. I might come along and watch some racing on Saturday. Where are the viewing areas around the track?
  8. I'll be there!
  9. Looks like I'm commentating on the Sat, will ride the MX track on Sunday (if it's still there lol). Yeh I was there last Sunday.
  10. I was there & had a great weekend! 3 from 3.:)
  11. i crashed in race 2 and a mate ran into my bike and crashed big at pit corner.

    not cool.

    but othr than that i went ok.
  12. I saw you guys when we came around after the red flag and it didn't look cool at all. There were a number of crashes in my class over the weekend and two more that were ambulanced away......broken bones but thankfully nothing permanent.

    But all the races all ran so big credit to Preston for good organisation and the weather and track atmosphere were great.

    I didn't win or podium and I didn't crash but I had a great time with lots of dicing, I don't think I did a lap without passing or being passed (more often) and I got a personal best to keep me happy.

    Good weekend!
  13. what bike/number where you on?
  14. Super Duke #93
  15. Hey mate.

    What bike were you racing? Not the R6???? :-s

    Hope all is well and your mate is alright.

  16. Twas me he crashed into and I'm ok. Got ko'd, a broken collarbone and some severe bruising to my hip. Had surgery to repair the cb. Otherwise I'll recover.
    I'll leave it up to JimmyD to post the on board footage he has of the accident if he wants too.

    HUGE Thanks to the Medical crew and Brendan, Coralee and Francis from Preston and MV for looking after me and getting me safely to hospital.

    Other than the above smashed my pb on Saturday morning in Qualifying by a whole second, did a 1:06.06 and this pic taken by Peter Wright from KTJ Images.
  17. Ouch! When are you expected back on track?

    That's a very respectable time, even more so for a chookie.
  18. Hey Dean I've got another 4 weeks at least then should be good for Hartwell Rd 3 back at Phillip Island in early June.
    Bike needs some work and I need new leathers and helmet too.