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Vic Titles PI 22-23 May 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, May 19, 2010.

  1. So, will anyone be out there?

  2. i'm going to have a look see
  3. I'll be racing Sidecar #55. 2nd time out on the beast. Won the Seniors meeting at Mac Park 1st time on it a couple of weeks ago!
  4. Well, the weather I am told will be marvellous.=D>=D>=D>
    The grids are full and by the calibre of the entry list, the racing will be tops. It is also the running of the 59th annual Harvie Wiltshire race. Past winners who are legends of our sport will be there to present it to the 2010 winner on the grid at the conclusion of the race.
    The juniors should put on a spectacular show, they love the Island.
    It is also round one of the Australian Side Car Championship with a record number of machines.
  5. I will be there...waving the flags for all the riders out there and maybe a bit of a tan.
  6. PMCC thanks you P.T. You are very good!=D>=D>=D>
  7. Spectator entry prices are $20 for the weekend, children under 16 free.
    There are 2 for the price of 1 ticket vouchers at the cafe, bakery and servo at Tooradin plus the Phillip Island Tourist Information Centres.
    Peter Stevens stores have them too.
    You can also download them from the PMCC website.
    The vouchers are valid for all 2010 rounds.
  8. How long does it take to ride there from Melbourne, 2-3 hours?. I've never been there and since I've got nothing planned this weekend I might head down for the day.
  9. Route to PI

    One and a half to two hours should do it.
  10. =D> just saved me $20, cheers Garfield!
  11. The missus & I had a great day today. Perfect weather, great racing, and I finally got to see Sidecars in action.... Wow is all i got to say about those crazy buggers!

    Was good to see some Netriders out there. Sorry I didn't get to say G'day to some of you, was too busy watching the action track side.

    Got a bunch of pics, uploading them (198 of 'em) at the moment, will post a link to photobucket when done.
  12. Hey Sheppo got any pics of a crazy guy on a motard? hahahahaha
  13. I rode in the Superstock & Superbike races, had a good scrap with Mark on the ZX10 midfield in the Superbike races, I ran a few places in the Superstock which gave me first overall for the weekend.

    I rode my GSXR1000 2006 model roadbike, it has 85,000k's on it, it was a struggle to stay with the 600's down the straight.
  14. yes, but you rode that bike very well J.O.=D>=D>=D>
  15. PICS

    Note: i'm not a great photographer, nor was i using a good camera. All i had on me was my cheapo point'n'shoot Cannon. Next time the DSLR and monopod will be coming with me! Hope there are some pics you guys like.

    I was totally impressed with capturing THIS shot. Shows how hardcore the sidecar riders take the corners!
  16. Hey Sheppo
    Great photos I even resemble some of them :) they also show what a crap line I was taking through that corner, but at least now I've fixed the front end from washing out, woo hoo now to get some confidence back at the formula xtreme next weekend.
  17. thanks guys.

    can't wait to be out there next season on the track, rather than next to it taking pics.
  18. 2011 will happen @ PI.!!!!