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[Vic] Time for Bicycle riders to pay rego?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. The Age SundayAge today.

    Should riders speak out? Or should we remain silent.....:roll:

  2. speak out, but an educated speak.

    They may not damage the roads but they often add to the general congestion, in particular the advance bays for cyclists in front of the motorised traffic. Sure some cyclists are capable of getting of the mark quickly, most are not. In regards to the registration issue, I'd probably push for a "Access and Saftey levy" of maybe at most 2-5% on top of a new bike to be accountably spent on rider education, safety initatives. I'd also increase the penalties for not wearinga helmet and running red lights etc.
  3. right, bike rego. stuff that.

    ive always ridden pushbikes myself, and i would not pay or submit to any form of rego. in return i stay out of the road arena and do not interfere with traffic.

    pushbike laws dont concern me too much precisely because i use them to travel OFF the roads.
  4. So every kid should pay a rego fee for riding a pushie?
    something we all as kids have been doing for years?
    Where does this taxing stop?
  5. Would the cyclists also have to be licenced too? :shock:

    Do any other countries in the world have bicycle registration?
  6. in queensland there used to be a bicycle licence IIRC, it was more of a thing to for school kids to do. Part of roadcraft training I suppose.

    I would like to some contribution outside of GST to be made, I am sure that bikes under a certain size could be exempted. Either way it has to be well thought out, they do utilise the roads, and not all have rego for cars/bikes(motored).

    I thought Australia was a fan of the "User pays" scenario.
  7. Kids are allowed to ride on the footpath.
  8. Just what the world needs. Some more bureaucracy.
  9. I have five pushies here, does that mean I would pay for the car rego, the m'bike rego and five pushie rego's?

    Perhaps they should put a wanker pedestrian tax on every iPod. That would cover the hospital charges for each time a emo pedestrian is hit due to not crossing the road with due care.

    Does a mountain bike pay this tax if it is only ever riden offroad?

    For future reference the idea of bicycle tax is crap, has always been crap and will always be crap.

    Book the dangerous road users, cycle or motorised.
  10. :WStupid:
  11. This country is going down the shitter.
  12. port80 has nailed it, that is about all that needs to be said on this subject. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. How do you book a dangerous road user on a cycle if he can't be identified?

    Who pays if he runs into a pedestrian, or damages a driver's car?

    Why should Sydney motorists have to put up with cyclist anarchy every last Friday of the month, with the Police's excuse for not doing anything being that they 'can't identify the perpetrators'??

    (But they CAN provide an escort for these idiots while they break the law!)
  14. well, maybe everybody should just get a serial number tattooed on the forehead :LOL:

    lets just not bother. pushbike rego just wont work, will never happen. teh end
  15. I believe it to be an offence to not supply your full and correct details to an officer when requested.

    Damaged property, then the cyclist pays. Just like normal property law.
    If a cyclist causes injury, then I believe the health system pays. Yes, the same health system that pays for smokers to get cancers removed, drinkers and drug takers to stay in hospital. The same system that treats thousands of obesity related health issues each year because we are becoming a country of lazy bastards. Which is why cycling should be encouraged. Obesity is a real issue.

    Don't confuse police excuses for the real reason. BTW do you support front mount m'cycle plates... it's the same BS reasons.

    Don't confuse politics for logic. The two should never share the same mind at any one time.
  16. Cyclists are pests. I say YES!
  17. They want:
    More cycling lanes/paths
    More spending on education and awareness
    Free medical care from road accidents
    Equal rights on the road without having to obey them.

    (Put’s on best Adam Sandler impersonation) They want all this "For FREEEEE!!""

    I don't think anyone is expecting cyclist to pay the $400-$1000 that car and bike road users are paying each year on CTP + Rego. $100-200 would be sufficient. You can make the registration for individual riders so it doesn’t discriminate if you have 1 or 100 bikes (because you can only ride one at a time).

    I don't see why they claim it's difficult to implement, considering 50% of cyclist + motorist support the initiative.

    It's all about accountability and being a responsible road user. It can be a win-win for all.

    It should be made clear that no one is talking about kids on bikes. So please don't be ignorance.

    Just wondering, what happens if a cyclist is at fault in a road accident? How do they pay for the damage without insurance/rego/licence?
  18. It won't happen because cyclists (or more properly bikes) are a protected species; they are the darlings of the eco-nazis.
  19. What a stupid comment
    Tell that to all the kids, are they eco nazis?????
    Were you an eco Nazi when you pushed billy carts down the street or rode your pushbike everywhere?
    How easy you use that tar brush. :roll: