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[vic] Tim Holding missing on Feathertop

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. The minister for water disappears on Mt Feathertop still missing.
    AS daylight runs out in the search for missing Minister Tim Holding, it has emerged he tried to call his father last night.
    Premier John Brumby this afternoon said Mr Holding’s father Bruce received the phone call about 10.30pm last night – but the call did not go through - about one hour after the minister was declared missing.
    “At 10.30pm last night, some weak phone contact from Tim. So at 10.30pm, he was still able to use his phone but the area concerned has weak phone reception and conditions were very bad.â€
    The Premier is is increasingly worried about Mr Holding's welfare, who has not been seen for over 30 hours since setting out to climb Mount Feathertop, the state's second-highest mountain.
    Telecommunications experts were unable to trace the location of the call.
    Search soon called off for today
    Mr Brumby warned that as time ticks away it is clear that Mr Holding may not be walking off the mountain and that because of bad conditions the search could need to be continued tomorrow.
    “There is a very substantial police and search presence on the mountain,'' he said.
    “But conditions are very difficult and there is no use of planes or helicopters at this point in time.
    They are not however able to search through the night and the search will go through to about 5pm this afternoon making every effort to try and locate him.''
    Transport Minister Lynne Kosky has travelled to Bright to offer support to Mr Holding's family and partner.
    Choppers can't join search
    Poor weather is hampering the search for Mr Holding, still missing in freezing conditions.
    The head of a civilian rescue crew, heading into the rugged terrain said time was critical in the search for Mr Holding.
    Bush Search and Rescue convener Frank Zgoznick said a 14-strong search party would leave for the summit, 230km northeast of Melbourne, later today.
    But with snow and ice on the mountain and the temperature around freezing, Mr Holding needed to be found soon, Mr Zgoznick said.
    Low cloud and poor conditions are preventing infra red-equipped helicopters from joining the search, while rescuers on the ground are unsure how much of the summit they will be able to search by nightfall.
    Rescuers are continuing their attempts to track Victoria's Water Minister in poor visibility and freezing conditions today, after Mr Holding was reported missing by his partner last night.
    The latest disappointment for rescuers comes as authorities confirmed Mr Holding, 37, told bushwalkers on Mt Feathertop yesterday he was heading down before becoming lost in freezing conditions on Sunday.
    Acting Superintenden Wayne Rotherham - who is leading the search - said this afternoon the minister was seen leaving Federation Hut about 7am on Sunday and came across other walkers about 8.30am.
    He told the bushwalkers that he had changed his mind because of the poor conditions.
    It is understood the other bushwalkers offered to assist him, but he told them he would be able to make it on his own.
    "He told the bushwalkers that he wasn't going to go up any further, he was going to head back to Federation Hut and back to his car," Supt Rotherham said.
    He said rescuers were following three different trails towards the small track where Mr Holding was last seen, not far from Federation Hut.
    “We are focusing on that area and fanning out from there,†he said.
    “We don't know if he continued walking or took a different track. There are a number of tracks that go from there, so we have different search teams going in from different locations but obviously it is very difficult because of the terrain and conditions.

  2. Yay!

    I mean...

    Oh no!

  3. Still not found. This might not end well. Poor bugger
  4. There are better ways to die than freezing and starving. Hope they find him in time.
  5. Send Brumby up there by himself :LOL:
  6. Send Nathan Rees with him :LOL:

    Seriously, I hope they find him!!!
  7. Time and weather are not on their sides. Let's hope he's found a warm place to hunker down for the night.
  8. He is a very experienced mountain man bushwalker etc.
    But the fear is he fell off an ice ledge or through one which is not that uncommon on feathertop.
    IT may not be the highest mountain in oz but it is one of the most treacherous in winter.
    Hope he can survive.
  9. I may have to retract my previous remark and post a serious 'Oh no' now.

    Poor bugger, wherever he is.
  10. Is there something ironic about the water minister freezing ??

    Hope he turns up ok tho............
  11. Usually when this happens, they are found in November.
  12. Wasn't Simon Crean's brother lost in the Snowy Mountains some years ago in similar circumstances?
  13. Didn't think the chinese subs could get that far inland.
  14. Yep he was lost in a blizzard in the nsw ski fields in 1985.
    I don't know if theu ever found him.

    Quarter: that was funny :)
  15.  Top
  16. He's also an ex-commando with survival training (albeit some years ago) and apparently very fit.

    The problem will be if he's fallen and broken a leg or similar.
  17. Bit like naming the "Harold Holt Memorial Pool" after a PM who drowned...
  18. Well, they found him, apparantly he's ok.

    Now let's send Brumby up.
  19. Good, I knew it was just a matter of holding on till the resuers arrived.
  20. Hahaha very witty
    good one 2up :LOL: :LOL: